Written by Amaranath Siddaraddi |Updated: August 31, 2020 10:29:02 pm

Life is the existence of humans and other animals on earth. One can define life in many ways. Life makes the mind of the Humans think, relate, act, and judge. Many people live their life in a happy mood, some in a sad mood, and some in searching for the reason to live.

Life must be led happily. Everyone has bad times in their life, the thing matters are that how we overcome those bad times with positive. Life means understanding ourselves and the people around us. Everyone must have one goal in life which everyone must strive to work hard to achieve it.

Some people certainly enjoy free will in life. Few like slaves and other prisoners who don’t have that privilege. According to me “Life isn’t just about living independently in society”. It is very much more than that. Thus, the quality of Life carries huge importance. Therefore, the ultimate purpose of life should be to live meaningfully.

Now If I question ‘Why life is Important to everyone?’

1) Life is that which keeps on going forward. That means nothing is permanent. Hence, there should be a reason to stay in depression. A happy occasion will come to pass, just like a sad one. So, one must be optimistic no matter how bad things get.

2) Many people seem very sad because of failures. All the above, these people fail to see the bright side of them, and that bright is also a reason for every failure. Therefore, every failure teaches us a good lesson. It also builds experience, improves the skills and efficiency of humans as well.

3) Many people believe that the word pain is another name for LIFE. But we also know that it is pain which makes us stronger, increases our mental health, and also enriches the mind.

4) Finally, the unexpected death of an individual is what makes life so precious. No one knows the hour of one’s death. This is the most important reason to live life to the fullest. One must always enjoy the beautiful blessings of Life before death occurs.

Then a question is “How to Improve Quality of life?”

1) Meditation is one best useful ways of improving Life quality. It probably allows a person to improve upon his past and to avoid past mistakes. It also gives peace of mind to an individual by reducing stress and tension.

2) A hobby is another perfect way of improving life quality. Without a passion or interest, one’s life would probably be dull. A hobby will definitely bring new energy to life. By providing a new hope to live, experience, and enjoy.

In conclusion, Life is not something that an individual should take for granted. It’s certainly very bad to see everyone waste away their lives. We must be very grateful for experiencing this wonderful life. Hence, everyone should try to make their life more meaningful.

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