The City of Cairo

Cairo is a huge metropolis of over 17 million people that stretches along both banks of the Nile. The differences between the city area located on the east bank and the one on the west bank are due to the influences received over time. On the eastern shore, there is more Arab influence in Asia, and on the western – African influence (here is the old capital of Memphis).


In Cairo, everything is full of charm and color. People are warm and friendly and greet you with smiles at every step, saying “Marhaba” or “Sabah el her” as greetings. Here you can easily relive the atmosphere of a thousand and one nights walking through Salah el-Din Square and the Sultan Hassan Mosque.

Where to visit

cairo africa cairo square egypt pyramids of giza

Cairo has been a city littered with rest, baths in hotel pools, and “tourist” walks. Camels can be rented for a tour of the pyramids and, for a small fee, we were able to climb a smaller pyramid. Everything in Egypt is done for a more or less significant tax. The pyramids are magnificent! Of course the most impressive were the Pyramid of Cheops (Khufu), the Pyramid of Chephren (Khafre), the Pyramid of Mycerinus which are the most visited monuments. It is very difficult to imagine the way they could be built with the technology of those times. And the camel ride would great until they start running. It is difficult to keep up with a camel.

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cairo africa cairo square egypt

The visit to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, located in Tahrir Square, would be interesting. Here you can see things that you had only seen in movies, such as the mummies of the pharaohs belonging to the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties, the treasures discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb, the treasures found at Dahshur.


To relax and forget about the heat, always chose to spend an entire afternoon at the Khan El Khali bazaar, after which you can cool off in the evening breeze on the Nile, aboard a small cruise ship.

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