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The news about the Budweiser beer came as a big shock to the wine lovers. An employee Walter Powell(Name Changed), of the brand of beer they are drinking, has been urinating in a beer tank for the last 12 years. The news spread like wildfire on social media. The news must have reached you. But, this report has been claimed as false news by another social media page.

Budweiser beer

A website called foolishhumour.com published an article saying that Walter decided to clarify any doubts about the taste of Budweiser and was reported to have said that he had been doing the same for more than a decade just prior to bottling.

Sources claim that Walter was employed only at Budweiser Brewery Experience (Fort Collins, CO) and that the rest of Budweisers made doesn’t contain his pee. “It’s like Russian roulette, sometimes when I’m with my friends and they ask about Budweiser, I blush and say to myself, poor boys,” said Walter. “The first time I made water inside the tanks was after working 2 years, once I moved in and earned the trust of my superiors,” said Walter.

He wasn’t sure why he did that, “I wasn’t thinking about anything, just the toilet was too far away and lazy to go. I won’t do it again, from now on all of you can feel the real taste of Budweiser,” said Walter. On the contrary, some other websites are claiming that the information posted was fake and also they mentioned the disclaimer at the end of the website: “This website is a humorous page whose sole purpose is entertainment. Silly Humor content is fiction and they do not correspond to reality. “

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