BTS released an intriguing countdown to seven specific dates related to its new release on August 21 which made ARMY guessing. Read below to find out what the ARMY believes these mysterious dates could reveal.


2020 may not be the best of times, but if you’re a part of ARMY, you’re quite a courtesy of BTS. The boy band has not let the virus slow down their work; rather it is as if 2020 had been one of its busiest years so far. The septet really hasn’t stopped from the release of Map of the Soul: 7 and Map of the Soul: 7 – The Journey to having two concerts at home, Bang Bang Con: The Live, and Bang Bang Con.

Two days ago came the happy announcement of BTS’s upcoming comeback, which begins with a new release. While the septet is unsure whether the single will be part of their new album or not, they revealed many interesting details about the song. Additionally, BTS decided to provoke ARMY further by introducing an intriguing countdown that features seven dates, including August 21, which is when the new single drops. Each date is marked with separate color and was tweeted by Columbia Records, which was retweeted by BTS’s official Twitter identifier.

The date displayed is July 31 (12 am KST) which is red followed by August 4 (12 am KST) which is blue, August 5 (12 am KST) which is pink, 7 August (12 am KST) which is light green, August 19 (12 am KST) which is purple, August 21 (1 pm KST – new individual drops) which is dark green and August 22 (12am KST) which is yellow.

BTS’ ARMY starts their guessing game

Unsurprisingly, ARMY continued their guessing game as they tried to figure out the meaning behind the seven dates on the countdown. Many believe that each member could get a sneak preview before the songs drop, and we’re assuming that the date of August 22 could be the release date of the music video accompanying the upcoming single. As for what each color means, an ARMY member @ hopeworld1214 tweeted: “Red – jhope, blue – RM, Pink – Jin, light green – perhaps suga, purple – jungkook, green – taehyung, yellow – jimin. color is according to their microphones, maybe a teaser for each member. ” Another ARMY member @ EUPH0RIAL0VE hilariously replied to the countdown he tweeted, “WHY ARE THERE SO MANY NUMBERS IN THIS MATH CLASS?”


What do you think will be revealed in the countdown focussing on to BTS’s new release on August 21? Let us know your craziest theories in the comment section below.

While it was the boys themselves who revealed the news about a new single, Big Hit Entertainment also released a statement on Weverse that said, “Hello. This is Big Hit Entertainment. The new digital single by BTS will launch on Korean and international music streaming sites on August 21, 2020. We would like to thank the entire ARMY for their continued affection for BTS, and we ask for their love and support of the new digital single that will be released soon. Stay tuned for more details. Announced via Weverse. Release Date: August 21 (Friday), 2020 (KST) Thank you. “

bang bang con

Speaking of the new single to be released next month, J-Hope revealed that the untitled song is very upbeat and sung in English, similar to the lines of Mic Drop and Waste It On Me. In addition, V explained, “We tried to record a guidebook and decided that the English lyrics give a better vibe. It’s new and refreshing. So we said we’ll stick with making this a song in English.”

“Yes, things are tough across the world right now. We think this song will bring some energy to listeners. To be honest, though, we also feel a little helpless and empty after many of our unexpected plans. they fell apart. And we thought everyone else should feel the same way. So we wanted to find a way to move all of this forward. “How about we try something completely new? This is how this single came about, “Jimin added.

While the guessing game continues, we are confident that when the single is released it will break and set world records, as this return will be the most personal of BTS so far. This time, each member’s active engagement has been exponential, especially for their new album, which drops in the second half of 2020. More specifically, how Jin may have messed it up, October 2020.

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