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“People will stare, make it worth their while,” says TOM FORD, one of the most talented designers of all times. Well, who doesn’t love being well dressed on not just occasions but also on casual days? We often try our best to wear the most trendy and fashionable clothing. We follow fashion influencers on Youtube, search up inspirations on Pinterest, but still end up missing out on some basic important fashion tips that we should consider while dressing up. Even dressing up stunningly requires some amount of mastery and skill (which is why celebrities hire private stylists).

Obviously, some of us can’t afford stylists. But no worries, this article enlists some important Fashion Rules or Tips that’ll help you to level up your wardrobe (without spending money on Stylists).

Some important Fashion Rules or Tips to remember include :

Check you Closet of Clothes once in a Month

One of the key elements, towards maintaining your style is checking your closet and arranging it in a feasible manner so that you can locate your clothes. This will also help you find out what essential clothing items you don’t have. This step will also help you to provide a better insight into how you can mix up your clothes and wear them creatively.

Identify your Body type and choose Clothes accordingly

The most important tip to remember while buying clothes or styling yourself is to identify what is your body shape or your body type (such as Pear Shape, Hourglass body, etc.). This will gradually help you to find what best suits your body type and you’ll look better. 

Choose Clothes that embrace your Skin Tone

Similarly, don’t forget to take into account your skin tone, which varies from individual to individual. Although all kinds of shades work with every skin tone, there are specific shades of clothes that embrace one’s skin tone, thus, try choosing such clothes.

Get a Good Pair of Innerwear

A good set of innerwear is one of the most crucial aspects while deciding what you’re going to wear. Well, now you might be thinking why is innerwear considered essential! Innerwear makes a lot of difference in how your attire will appear from the outside as an entire piece. Hence, knowing what inner wear should be worn with what kind of cloth is very important. 

Plan what you are going to wear

At Fashion Walk shows, designers often plan prior to the launch about which model will wear what clothes. In everyday life too, planning prior to any occasion about what you’re going to wear, will solve most of your problems. You definitely won’t patiently decide about your ‘attire of the day’ when you’re getting late for the occasion, thus, planning ahead of time is considered important. 

Don’t feel Shy to try Different Clothing

From patterned clothing to clothes with funky or aesthetically pleasing prints. One important fashion tip is to keep on trying different kinds of clothes. You can even think of using accessories with your attire to look top-notch such as a scarf or some jewelry. Other important tips include layering your clothes (wearing clothes in layers, especially in winters). So yes!! Trying Different will definitely make you one great fashionable individual.

Be Confident about who you are and Love Yourself

Take these 7 steps to practice unconditional self love

All the mentioned fashioned tips above would face a big failure if you don’t love every inch of your body or skin. Self-Love and Self-Acceptance are very important tools to build on the confidence any individual requires while wearing any clothing. A very crucial tip would also be, ‘Don’t feel strange about your different taste of fashion, be confident about whatever you’re wearing or planning to wear’.

Technically speaking, the first-ever fashion item to be created would be clothes, their age ranges back to Adam and Eve, but something which was created for needs and became a want would definitely be heeled shoes. The history of heels is as old as the 10th Century, in fact, this platformed item of footwear actually gained popularity in the Persian Army. However, what is more, surprising than the discovery of heels, is the fact that they weren’t even originally designed for women.

Persian soldiers were the first ones to discover that heels gave them the stability required to shoot their arrows, by helping their feet to stay in their stirrups. If we come to think of how the modern cowboy boot found an origin. Interestingly, it is derived from the 10th Century tradition, where soldiers wore heeled riding boots, in the time of the Samanid Empire (874-1005).

By the 17th Century, 1-inch heels became the norm of Persian riders, and as, owning horses signified wealth, heeled shoes connected themselves to this field of luxury, and owning a pair showed money and power (Bass-Krueger, n.d.).

From Culture to Fashion

The reason heels became a part of the west fashion, was “Persia-Mania”. At the turn of the 17th century, when the Shah of Persia, sent a delegation of soldiers to build relations with leaders in Spain, Russia, and Germany; these European aristocrats saw heels as a symbol of military excellence and virility, and got inspired to adopt this fashion in their culture too.

As it could be seen, male fashion at that time concerned with emphasizing men’s calves and thighs, through wearing leggings, loose britches, and heeled shoes. Even men in pictures, posed in a way to show off their legs and shoes.

Louis XIV was the most famous wearer of heels. Not only did he pass an edict in 1670, stating that only nobility could wear heels, but also, under his rule, the power of the wearer was signified by the hight and redness of the heel (Bass-Krueger, n.d.).

Change of Feet with Change in Time

As shoes became increasingly gendered in the 18th Century, men stopped wearing heels as a reaction against their perceived feminization. This feminization was caused by women’s shoes becoming narrower and more ornamental, with high heels; and as a result, men’s shoes became sturdier, broader, and less delicate (Bass-Krueger, n.d.).

What we see today

In 16 th Century Europe, women wore platform shoes, which sometimes heightened to 60 centimeters. However, the first recorded instance of a woman wearing high heels was of Catherine de Medici, who wore it to look taller on her wedding day.

The right to wear heels extended to the general population only after the end of World War 2. This is also when stiletto heels were created. Perhaps, in the words of shoe historian Cameron Kippen, “The secret of the stiletto heel was a small piece of metal which joined the inside of the shoes sufficiently that the heel and foot of the shoe could operate separately. It could actually bend and twist…. Once a shoe designer managed to work that out, then heels became more like what we see today” (Wynne, 2017).

Bass-Krueger, M. (n.d.). The High-Life: A History of Men in Heels. Retrieved from Google Arts and Culture:
Wynne, E. (2017, November 13). History of the high heel: It wasn’t always a woman’s shoe.
Retrieved from ABC News:

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Dressing 101: Who doesn’t want to look good? Looking Good also helps in improving our confidence level and makes us feel better. What we wear speaks more than our words. Although what we wear is upon us, one must keep in mind to wear appropriate clothing for the event one is attending. Here, we have filtered upon simple clothing tips for big events one usually participates

The dressing for big events includes the functions like

  1. Corporate events
  2. Family Events

Dressing – Corporate events

Corporate events like launch functions, Business meetings, or any other kind of gathering are always professional. The instincts of a person are upheld. The more he/she dresses up the more personality is emerged.

dressing formal wear traditional wear fashion corporate dress code

BREGEO Men’s Cotton Casual Blazer

  • Fit Type: Slim Fit
  • Front: Single button, Back:Single Cut
  • Cloth: Blazer Fabric Is SHINY
  • SIZE GUIDE : Blazer Size should be “6” Inch Over Your Jeans Waist Size (For Eg : If you Wear a “30” size Jeans your blazer size should be “36”) – Note : Blazer Sleeve length and Waist area are alterable

The men are always advised to wear a formal dress. Most often, the blazer is suited. If not a blazer, then formal wear like Dark pants and light-colored shirts.

dressing formal wear traditional wear fashion corporate dress code

Shozie Men’s Formal Shoes

  • Closure: Lace Up
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • Material – Patent Leather
  • Lifestyle: Executive Formal & Daily Wear
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
dressing formal wear traditional wear fashion corporate dress code

HORNBULL Men’s Leather Wallet and Belt Combo

  • This combo gift set comes with an elegant formal belt and a wallet. made of exclusive leather, well designed by skilled handcraft man, durable cloth lining used in wallet designed to accommodate maximum needs. belt is a size that can be adjusted as per waist size
  • Ideal for men and boys. The width of the belts is 35 mm.the buckle design and colour may vary. buckle, made in real leather strap, suitable for formals

The color of the shoes and belt must be matching. Recommended that to wear an analog watch. Keep a clean beard or shave it properly.

dressing formal wear traditional wear fashion corporate dress code

KARF Women’s Formal Blazer Black

  • Fit Type: Regular Fit
  • Two Buttoned Blazer
  • Excellent Designing
  • Specially designed for Business Meetings, Offices , Professional Gatherings and Students.
  • Solid Color
  • Full Sleeves

Women are advised to wear formal with a blazer. The formal pant or a skirt is also advisable. Light make up on the face is best suitable. The nails must not be shabby and little heels are good.

Dressing – Family events

Family Functions like Marriage ceremony, Engagement Ceremony, or any other ceremony are always to look best and have the moments to cherish with the Family members.

Both men and women are advised to wear the best traditional wear in their wardrobe. Along with the colorful dresses wear the matching jewelry to make yourself bright. Something that is similar to that of below

dressing formal wear traditional wear fashion corporate dress code

Vastramay Men’s Black Cotton Blend Sherwani Set

Suitable for: Party, Weddings, Regular Wear, Celebrations, Occasions, Festivals, Lohri, Makar Sakranti, Baisakhi, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Dussehra, Diwali, Navratri, Pooja, Christmas, Onam, Ganesha, and Gifting.

dressing formal wear traditional wear fashion corporate dress code

Ethvilla Women’s Pure Silk Semi-Stitched Lehenga Choli

Lehenga is equally traditional, stylish, and versatile. A smart cut on a lehenga can elevate your style and balance your look. It’s the right garment if you want to go traditional or experiment with a new look. The intricate stitching of this lehenga choli along with the fabric and embellishments makes for a versatile look that you can recycle at weddings, parties, and festivals.

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“As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy.”

– Emma Watson

Fashion: Like every rain starts from a drop, it all started with brands releasing their clothing collection 2 seasons a year, and now we have arrived a time where 52 micro-collections are introduces per year, with Zara putting forward 24 collections and H&M having 12-16 collections per year.

The drop in the price of garments has urged the potential population to buy 5 times more clothes than bought 20 years ago. This implies that 80 billion clothes garments are manufactured each year, and when light is cast over this side of reality, it also shadows a despondency on the fact that each year, an average of 35 kg textile waste is generated per person in the US. Thus, imagine the amount of harm being caused by and caused to the multitudes on this planet.

If we come to face the grimier side of this attractive coin of fashion, trends are changing at such a fast pace that people can’t keep up, leading to a higher proportion of purchases in order to stay up to date. This has encouraged the mass production of cheap and disposable clothing. Where on one hand it makes the customers shopping hastily, and increasing the brand sales, on the other hand, this reduction in production costs happens due to the continuous accumulation of cheap garments, which in the shorter or longer run can take a serious toll on the lives of the garment workers, our health and the health of our planet.

After the statistics of materiality, now let’s open our eyes towards actuality. According to, the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, which falls in line right after the oil industry. As the pillars of this industry are growing and increasing, so is the environmental damage. However, one of the solutions mentioned by them to mitigate this problem is to create awareness and willingness among the fashion hoarders to change.

In most of the garment-producing countries, the untreated toxic water coming out from textile factories is dumped directly into the nearby water bodies. This wastewater contains substances like mercury, arsenic, and leads among many others, which is destructively harmful to the people living nearby the rivers, who consume it for their daily purposes, and also for the aquatic creatures. Another injuring source of contamination is the fertilizers used at the time of cotton production, which offers the fear of being evaporated through water and causing damage in the later run.

Thus, as an alternative, suggests choosing clothes that are manufactured in countries having strict environmental regulations for the factories, for example, Canada and the US. Another solution could be to choose organic fibers that do not require chemicals in order to be produced.

Textile Industry, One of the Causes of Water Pollution

This site can be visited for a more detailed analysis on the pollution caused by fashion industries.

Fashion – Affects the environment

  • Synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, etc. used in the making of a majority of clothing are made from fossil fuel. This not only makes production much more energy intensive, but also accounts for 10% of global emission of carbon.
  • 5.2% of the waste in our landfills comprise of textiles, and can take up to 200 years to decompose.
  • In the words of James Conca from FORBES: ” Cheap synthetic fibres also emit gases like N2O, which is 300 times more damaging than CO2.”

Therefore, with many people not realizing that all that glitters is not gold and the apparel which attracts also harms by being made of toxic chemicals, affecting greenhouse gas emissions, causing water pollution and consuming many of earth’s natural resources, it can be concluded that the environmental influence of the fashion industry is crippling. (Westling, n.d.)

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Arguably Union Los Angeles had the best collaboration of 2018 with the launch of its two Air Jordan 1. These color combinations featured elements of some of Jordan 1’s most classic offerings, and fans were extremely eager to get some pairs. In fact, these pairs cost hundreds of dollars on the resale market, as they were rare and highly sought after. Now, the two sides come together once again two years later, this time to collaborate on Air Jordan 4. Today we have a first look at one of the two-color scheme releases.

Air Jordan 4

air jordan 4 shoes nike

This Air Jordan 4 in collaboration with Union features a mesh and nubuck construction on the upper with a dark navy that dominates most of the shoe and royal blue in the ankle/heel area. White and red eyelets, white mesh panels on the tongue and side panels, translucent wings, a black tongue on the heel with the red Nike Air branding and the “AIR JORDAN” branding on the outer tongue traditionally seen on the inner tongue.

As for the design, the pair ostensibly emulates the AJ1 mentioned above only through color, as open seams and vintage pilling are properly abandoned. Key details A whitish / sail sole and sole, a Union x Jumpman hangtag, a special Union branded box and Michael Jordan’s hands complete it all. This tone then works its way up to the “AIR JORDAN” patch, the appearance of which is relatively rare, as it would normally be located on the inner tongue.

This collaboration is certainly unorthodox and the materials used are unique to Air Jordan 4. So far, the reactions have been quite mixed, although once the official images are shown, this sentiment could change.

At the moment, both colors of the Union x Air Jordan 4 are expected to come out on August 15 for $ 250 each. Be sure to keep it locked on our Union x Air Jordan 4 center page for the latest release info, images, and other updates.

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“Let’s go for shopping”, I think this one sentence can drive some people crazy. You can make your wife or girlfriend, children even your friends ecstatic just by offering them this idea. Everyone loves to shop, their choice of the shopping stuff can be different but the excitement can be common just with a difference in levels of excitement. But we sometimes resist ourselves from shopping just after realizing the prodigious amount of bills. So in this blog, you are going to find how you can save money while shopping for your favorite clothes and utensils.

So here are some super tips which can actually help you in saving money

Tips to save while shopping for clothes.

If you are brand obsessed but it costs you so much that you can’t buy many things at the same time then the best time to shop is to wait for the end of the season sales. You can buy those things really at a cheaper cost because the discount offers are really good at these times.

shopping clothes accessories money market
Image by A_Matskevich from Pixabay

You can also try local markets, it’s a myth that the material and quality of clothes in local markets are cheap but that’s not true at all. You can also find clothes for your desire there.

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You can save money on clothes also by getting your clothes stitched by local tailors. These will cost you really nothing as compared to simple tops, shirts, and kurtas at outlets. You just have to select the fabric of your choice and design for your attire.

shopping clothes accessories money market
Image by Kasjan Farbisz from Pixabay

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Tips to save money on Accessories.

The best way to save money on accessories is to avoid buying them in pieces, try to buy utensils in bulk or sets. You can also try buying them from a person who makes utensils himself. You can get an extra benefit here like you can customize them accordingly and it is usually cheaper than that we buy from retailers.

Talking about the best time to buy accessories in India is to buy them at Diwali time. The shops’ offers are really good at that time. They launch different kinds of schemes and discounts.

In order to save money, you can directly buy accessories online from the manufacturers. Here, in this case, you don’t need to pay extra money that you pay to the retailers, and also the traveling and handling cost can be saved.

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Slim women

All are beautiful in their own way. One should have self-satisfaction with their own appearance. But, when it comes to clothing, the way you wear a garment is more important than the one you wear. Very often, something that suits one particular person may not be for others. Whether specific clothing suits a woman or not will depend on various factors such as her age, complexion, and body shape. Dressing up is more crucial for skinny girls, as not everything looks good on them.

Things like horizontal stripes look good on slim women. Pants and skirts are a preferred option for such women. In fact, those women also look beautiful in salwar kameez, churidars, and saris.

While wearing jeans, slim women advise staying away from classic cuts and opting for slim ones. Cropped clothing, like cropped shirts and pants, also looks good on slim women. You can also opt for jackets, thick sweaters, sweatshirts, and other heavy clothing. The article talks about the different dresses that are suitable for a slim girl and goes on to explain some dress tips that apply to them.

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Put on shirts and wear shiny shoes to change the focus

While dressing formally, try looking for shirts that you can fit into your pants or jeans. Having the top wear inside the bottom will make the hip appear brighter and change the focus of the slim upper body. Wearing precious colored shoes also does the same and is therefore recommended for slim women and girls.

Don’t show your skinny legs

slim women girls clothing wear beautiful
Photo by @thiszun from Pexels

While most girls look sexy when they flaunt their legs, understand that since their legs are slim, it won’t look good if they do the same. However, you can still look beautiful by wearing long dresses and long skirts. This type of clothing fits snugly at the waist and then flows down loosely, flaunting your figure at its best.

Go for bulky sleeves

Slim women and girls look slim in sleeveless dresses. Therefore, try to opt for long-sleeved dresses. Volume sleeves will allow you to balance your silhouette and therefore create a fuller look. In addition, dresses with larger prints or embroidered on the sleeves help change the viewer’s focus on skinny hands.

Opt for tight-fitting flared pants

Make sure you don’t make the mistake of going for loose pants at the waist and thighs. Doing so will make you appear slimmer than you are. Instead, go for tight-fitting pants with flared pants. These will not only give you a better shape but also make the right work clothes.

Go for padded blouses

The idea of ​​wearing padded blouses is applicable when you wear sari or lehenga. If it is the winter season, try to choose the very padded ones. They will give you the necessary volume in the right places and make it difficult for people to take their eyes off you. However, in the summers, try to stick to the lightly padded ones as they don’t make you sweat.

Ruffled saree

slim women girls clothing wear beautiful
Photo by Kaushik Borah from Pexels

Ruffled saris are now the most popular, and many of the celebrities were also spotted in ruffled saris. These saris are so beautiful, and after wearing them they also give you a classy look with a western touch. No need to worry as the appearance here will change due to the sari. You can check how our Bollywood divas wore such a beautiful sari, and from that, you can also get an idea of ​​the makeup and what kind of accessories we should wear.

Try and follow the above tips. If these points worked for you, let us know in the comment section

Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is always on motor wheels trying to look for new trending ways to create a demand. They carry loads of patterns, color schemes, clothing material, accessory, photography which goes on till moon and stars. The pandemic which the world is facing right now has also changed the shape of fashion industry from glam to comfy look, Let’s explore :

Shift from Corporate suits to Track Suits

The digitalization and work from home have changed the style statement of corporate people from formal suit to informal suit for both men and women which let their body to breathe in fresh air accompanied with vibrant colors, which were restricted to black, browns or greys. Dressing down is the new way to keep yourself motivated towards work.

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From High heels to Flat heels footwear

fashion industry trends 2020 fashion nova
Photo by Isa G from Pexels

The social distancing has led to the departure of high heels and arrival of flat feel,i.e. Slippers or crocs, which is a great idea to beat the heat while staying at homes. This creates a new challenge for the designers to invent soft, wider footwear for the upcoming years.

From Restricted to free-flowy

The remoteness has led people to say goodbye to the tight collar and body-hugging clothing and has welcomed soft and comfy and free – flowy clothing whether it is of any length they are always preferred and could be worn at any time, which is right choice to accompany their hectic schedule and busy life.

From Long to Short hair looks

To feel safe and fuss-free the short hair look would be seen common among the people whether it may be men or women which also let them free from taking appointments from hairstylists and help them to concentrate on there work.

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If these tips worked for you, Let us know in the comment section

The thing about today’s fashion world is that anyone can access anything at any time. While avant-garde looks could only once be found in the country’s top fashion magazines, now you just have to scroll through an Instagram feed to see the same piece designed in 7 different ways. As great as it is, it can also be really overwhelming for people looking to incorporate these looks into their daily wear, how come they even start to choose?

You could be on the Cover Page too

For example, bicycle shorts. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid has taken advantage of this spandex-induced fashion, but if you’re not an influencer and want to get involved in this trend, wearing tight-fitting sportswear in an everyday situation can be intimidating.

wear hack fashion comfort
Photo by Ali Pazani on Unsplash

However, incorporating this skinny look into your wardrobe is super easy! Do you need a brunch look? Combine bike shorts with a button-down shirt or oversized t-shirt for a crisp redesign of the traditional shirt dress style. Do you want something a little more dressed? Easy. Give 90’s glamour by throwing a knit sweater and blazer over your athletic shorts for Rachel Geller-inspired style.

Strange ball shapes, like hearts, slim ovals, and huge carpet tassels, for all of her accessories are also another flourishing trend that can be difficult to design without a filter. Starting small is the best way to design these looks in the off-camera world. Do you hesitate to incorporate large earrings with tassels of thread in your daily use? Taking a look at those neon heart-shaped sunglasses?

Comfort is the new FASHION

Incorporating these styles is easy if you start small, Using these accessories in a simple set of Jeans and T-shirts or a classic LBD gives even the most uninteresting non-influencers a chance to venture into new styles. The only trend that remains … for a long time is COMFORT.

Fashion wear hack comfort
Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

There is a reason that sneakers, yoga pants, and sportswear are increasing more and more. Because young and old fashionistas are adopting the attitude that comfort is style. Comfort is king (or queen). I regularly tell my clients that if they are wearing a dress or pants, they spend a lot of time pulling on them or if they have trouble walking gracefully because the heel of a shoe is too high, it immediately subtracts from its excess. Everything elegant

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Fashionistas – 2020

Gone are the days of fashion when women got into a pointy stiletto to look/feel sexy and relevant. Farewell days from sunrise to sunset when men need to wear a three-piece suit to get respect. Pointy shoes and three-piece suits are still important to a carefully selected wardrobe, but they are no longer the only options. Today all fashionistas believe that you can be elegant and cozy.

You can easily combine a sharp, soft blazer with knit pants and crisp new tennis shoes (emphasis on crisp new ones). Or you can wear a great pair of yoga pants with a cashmere sweater, a beautiful scarf, and polished flats. Both sets convey sleek, elegant, and smart.

The fit of your outfit, including your shoes, is paramount. Comfortable clothing should fit properly, otherwise, it may appear sloppy.

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So here are the rules for staying stylish, classy, ​​and modern:

  • If you wear sneakers with something (suit, dress, pants, etc.), they must be new and without handcuffs.
  • When you incorporate yoga pants into a set, please make sure your blouse (sweater, jacket, silk tunic) completely cover your torso. If your crotch shows a change to jeans or soft pants.
  • It is okay to combine gym clothes (also known as athleisure) with custom or stylish items. Keep it in one piece (be it your jacket, your sweatpants or your fitted tank). In this way, you will not be confused with the Bikram yoga class that only lets out two doors.
  • Sweats are great. Hoodies and joggers are incredibly stylish if you keep the proportions correct. Make sure if you are layering the first layer is snug so the overlays feel and look good.
  • Comfort does not mean anything, less than cozy can not be used. A study of which brands fit you best, and works to tailor the habit to your structured pieces to balance your otherwise relaxed clothing.

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Stay Comfy, Stay Classy

Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce organization based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. This company was established by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. The company focused on selling books, before expanding into other product categories such as consumer electronics, fashion, household and grocery items, and lifestyle products.

The service primarily competes with Amazon’s Indian subsidiary and national rival Snapdeal. As of March 2017, Flipkart had a market share of 39.5% of the Indian e-commerce industry. Flipkart is difficult dominant in clothing sales (a position that was reinforced by the acquisition of Myntra) and is described as “side by side” with Amazon in the sale of mobile electronic and mobile products. Flipkart additionally owns PhonePe, a mobile payment set based upon the Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

Walmart and Flipkart

With reference to the declaration from Walmart’s dealings, eBay stated that it would trade its Flipkart stick to the company concerning around $ 1.1 billion also relaunch its own actions in India. The company stated that “There is the tremendous growth potential for e-commerce in India and a significant opportunity for multiple players to succeed in India’s diverse national market.” Softbank Group also sold its full 20% stake to Walmart, without disclosing the terms of the sale.


The acquisition was completed on August 18, 2018. Walmart also provided $ 2 million in equity to the company. On November 13, 2018, Flipkart CEO Binny Bansal resigned, after facing an accusation of “serious personal misconduct”. Walmart said that “although this inquiry found no proof to prove the assertions against Binny, it made expose other flaws in the trial, unusually the need of clarity, compared to how Binny responded to the circumstances.”

The breakdown

On March 25, 2020, Flipkart accompanying Amazon announced that they wish to suspend all aids in India. The suspension was recognized as a result of confusion over the details of the country’s strict 21-day blockade amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Big Saving Days

Flipkart is organizing the sale of Big Saving Days on the platform. The sale will be active June 23-27, during which consumers will be able to get smartphones, accessories, and other electronic items at a discounted price.

In addition, during the sale of Big Saving Days, users can also take advantage of additional bank discounts. HDFC Bank customers will be eligible for an instant 10 percent discount on the use of HDFC Bank cards or EMI transactions. We are listing the best smartphone deals you can get at Flipkart sale.

Below are the most great offers to grab

Flipkart sales

Get up to 70% off on Headphone and Speakers

Flipkart sales

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