Christopher Nolan tried to make a scientific fictional movie but in near future, it might become a reality.Interstellar explains earth may become an inhabitable planet and in order to save humanity from extinction, we may need to search for a nearby planet where life is possible. Everything and anything portrayed in this movie is not random incidents made for the sake of the movie. They are all paradox theories among which one of the concepts was recently proven. The existence of a black hole proven in recent times

Interstellar plot


A team of scientists must find the human race a new home after Earth is struck with worldwide food shortfalls and corn is the most valuable food. Using a mysterious wormhole, they explore strange new worlds and could find a home to save the human race.

N.A.S.A.’s last hope looks to Coop, Brand, Romilly, and TARS under the direction of Professor Brand to search for answers in the deepest corners of space while dealing with Murphy’s Law. 

In Earth’s future, a global crop blight and second Dust Bowl are slowly rendering the planet uninhabitable. Professor Brand, a brilliant N.A.S.A. physicist, is working on plans to save mankind by transporting Earth’s population to a new home via a wormhole. But first, Brand must send former N.A.S.A. pilot Cooper and a team of researchers through the wormhole and across the galaxy to find out which of three planets could be mankind’s new home.


The first breakthrough in the movie was the gravitational anomaly that cooper witnesses but it will be explained later wormhole is the passage in space due to the presence of singularity. Consider the space as a tight spreadsheet when a mass is kept over it there is a bulge in the sheet.

A black hole has the highest mass thus the presence of a black hole may result in a bulge in the sheet. Considering this phenomenon there is a lesser gap between 2 parallel layers creating a wormhole which refuses the actual time traveling from one  parallel space to another


interstellar- movie- breakdown-singularity-blackhole

The second breakdown is the Nolans portrayal of the black hole. It was quite a surprise it was similar to the real one discovered in recent times. This is because he studied the characteristics of a black hole, with heavier mass the higher the gravitational pull will be, even the photons are pulled towards the point of singularity. Thus is a bright circling light of the photons around the black hole

Relativity in time

The next concept that we can observe in the movie relativity in the time since the acceleration due to gravity is higher near the black hole the planet near to the black hole revolves at a higher velocity when compared to earth. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity at the higher velocity, the time is slower than actual thus there is a major time difference in time in millers planet to the earth. According to the movie every hour on the planet is more than a year on earth 


 It the point of nothingness, though the black hole has a heavy mass still the size is relatively small the bulge in the stretched sheet so hight that it leads to the point of singularity. All the cosmic objects are said to be attracted to the point of singularity. All the galaxy in the universe is continuously in motion with respect to the overall mass of the whole and move towards singularity similar to the way in which earth is closing towards the sun.

4th Dimension cube (Tesseract)

In the climax, Cooper falls into a 4th dimension cube in Interstellar which is said to be created by the future persons from where the data required to save the earth is obtained with the help of people from the future. The confusion arises is only if cooper saves the earth then only there is future, this is explained by the bootstrap paradox where the existence of an object cannot be determined.

Followed by this the gravitational anomaly can be explained since the 4th dimension in the 4th dimension cube is nothing bu gravity. By which cooper was able to pass the data from the fourth dimension through time since it was located near the point of singularity and time is relative at that point.

Coopers suite

The final scene in Interstellar shows the cylindrical suite made by Cooper’s daughter to carry civilization into space the artificial gravity is possible in such a spacecraft due to centrifugal force. By a constant speed of rotation which produces an acceleration equivalent to the acceleration due to gravity in the earth.

The breakdown of this movie shows the effort behind the scene to make the movie a logical storyline with a classic Nolan’s signature on the movie-making Interstellar a masterpiece and a box office successful way back in 2014, most of the concepts explained through the movie were just hypothesis.

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Written by Nirmal Thrideep

Do you feel like the world outside is disintegrating while you are forced to stay home all day? Are you a little bit unprepared for an apocalypse that might become a reality any day now? Does the news of horrors taking place around you making you want to just escape to somewhere else? Well then, we have something for you. Escape the horrors of the real world by plunging headfirst into the horrors of another (far more fantastical) world. Here are some of the best horror movies on Netflix India that you can immerse yourself into right now.

Psycho (1960)

Marion Crane, a secretary, finds herself on the run after embezzling forty thousand dollars from her boss. As she escapes, she is overcome by doubt and decides to stay the night at an empty motel run by a young man, seemingly dominated by his mother. 

psycho netflix horror movies
Psycho Movie Poster

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller is one of the most iconic horror films of all time, inspiring many that followed. The famous shower scene is widely praised even today for its masterful direction and editing. Based on a novel by Robert Bloch, which in turn was inspired by real events, this one is a must-watch if you haven’t already, sure to leave you impressed by its final reveal.

The Conjuring (2013)

Ed and Lorraine Warren are famous paranormal investigators and authors, who are called to help the Perron family with the increasing number of paranormal occurrences taking place at their house in 1971. 

the conjuring netflix horror movies
The Conjuring – Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) 

Directed by James Wan, this film proved that the shared cinematic universe could be successful even outside the superhero genre. With its many successful sequels and spin-offs, this film is almost a certified classic and is assured to make you want to leave the light on when you go to sleep.     

A Quiet Place (2018)

A family of a father, a mother, and their two children try to survive in a world that has been taken over by extraterrestrial creatures that hunt using sounds. They must try to lead a normal life while dealing with the loss of a child and the imminent arrival of another.

A quiet place netflix horror movies
A Quiet Place

This was actor-director John Krasinski’s first major directorial venture, and it was met with unprecedented success, partly due to its innovative concept of using sound sparingly and carefully. It has a sequel coming out soon, so make sure you’re all caught up before that.

Hush (2016)

A woman, who was rendered deaf and mute in her teenage years, lives in a cottage in a remote area to help her achieve her dreams of being an author. Everything turns upside down when a masked killer decides her as his next target and she must try to survive long enough to get help.

hush netflix horror movies
Hush – Maddie (Kate Siegel)

Yet another film that finds a new way to use sound, Hush has a deaf protagonist, meaning that many times the movie does away with cliched sound cues. This keeps the film refreshing, while also making sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a movie that writer-director Mike Flanagan did before he came out with The Haunting Of Hill House.

The Ritual (2017) 

Four friends embark upon a hike in Northern Sweden as a tribute to their friend who had died a few months earlier. Their trip is interrupted when one of them is injured, causing them to take a shortcut through a forest that is not as innocent as it appears.

The Ritual netflix horror movies
The Ritual

This British horror film offers a variety with its setting and is effective in building up the horror elements before revealing the truth and the horror that has them in its sights.

The Shining (1980)

Jack Torrance, a writer, takes up a caretaker job at the Overlook Hotel while it is closed for the winter, and moves into the hotel with his family. A combination of loneliness and supernatural elements causes Jack’s sanity to deteriorate, making him more and more unstable.

The Shining netflix horror movies
The Shining

Back to one of the classics once again, Kubrick’s adaptation is notorious for being hated by Stephen King, who wrote the book the film is based on. Despite this, the film is generally considered to be one of the best ever and effectively dispels the myth that horror films need to be shrouded in darkness all the time.

Gerald’s Game (2017)

A couple decides to take a vacation to a remote area in order to spice up their marriage and sexual life. But when the husband dies of a sudden heart attack with his wife still cuffed to the bed, she must find a way to escape the demons inside and possibly outside her.

Gerald’s Game netflix horror movies
 Jessie (Carla Gugino) and Gerald Burlingame (Bruce Greenwood

Closing the list with a film that draws from other entries, this film is based on another Stephen King novel and directed by Mike Flanagan. The film stands out with its grounded horror and claustrophobia-inducing setting and manages to be more than a simple horror flick.

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How often have we started a new fitness plan with the best of intentions, only to fall back into old habits within a few weeks? We all have goals that we are striving to achieve, and it can be disappointing when you feel that you are coming up short, while other people are succeeding. Usually, we put the blame of not a lack of not exercising on almost anything we want, but as The American Council on Exercise (ACE) points out, our excuses really boil down to the fact that it’s our brains that are holding us back from reaching our goals.

fitness-no results-training-exercise

Our mindset if lacks motivation is often the main obstacle, so we have to develop strategies that can help us overcome not only the extrinsic roadblocks that frequently get in our way but the mental hurdles, too. To help you learn how to identify and overcome these issues, we collected a list of common obstacles that often pop up on the road to fitness success, including a few that were recently deemed the most common by the expert professionals at ACE. So what’s say, let’s begin.

No Results:

We find most people ultimately lose motivation when they don’t see a change in their bodies. Then the excuse of no time, no money, comes into play. But the real reason is that they don’t see the results they want. Our feeling is that people don’t attain great results for two reasons. First, they don’t have a plan. They don’t have a specific program to follow, and they are left guessing and hoping that what they are doing is going to work. If it doesn’t,
then people just bid adieu to their fitness goals.


Sometimes we demand too much of our bodies, thinking that it will help us reach our goals faster. One must ensure that you are not taxing your joints, bones, and muscles too much without allowing for adequate
recovery between workouts, you’ll likely notice a decrease in your performance and will ultimately hinder your progress.

Lack of Variety:

Not only do you need to include different types of exercises so that you’ll continue to challenge your body, but also so that you won’t get bored. Attempting or trying out new exercises and sticking with the workouts that you love most. If you’re excited about and can look forward to working out, it’s much more likely that you’ll stick to your fitness plan in the long-term.

Constant Comparison with Others:

fitness-no results-training-exercise

The proliferation of social media and the constant streaming of media-imagery displaying “perfect people with perfect bodies” can create great frustration among those who do not fit the “marketable body type mold”. Everyone has different talents, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and capacities, so comparing oneself to others often makes little sense. But could prove to be a hindrance to improving yourself as frustration creeps in with constant comparison.

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In today’s economy, professionals need to keep their skills sharp. This means that as employers struggle with skill shortages, professionals with the right skills will find many opportunities in the job market. However, keeping your skills up to date is easier than it sounds. Between full-time work and personal responsibilities, many professionals wonder how they will find the time to continue working towards their next career goals.

As a result, finding new ways to continue learning at work is important not only to keep up to date with current business trends but also to keep you marketable for future opportunities. To continue to work on developing your skills at work, start with these steps.

Think about your career goals

career goals dream job man thinking
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

When you consider how you can expand your skills in the workplace, start thinking about your career goals. What kind of position do you want for the long haul? Once you answer that question, you can better determine where your current capacity package is. To do so, start by looking for suitable jobs that match your career goals. Once you’ve found a job description of a character you like, you can start putting it together where you need to improve.

For example, you may want to manage your own team in the future, but you have no leadership experience. As a result, you will want to find opportunities to lead a project or initiative in your current role.

Discover the natural extensions of your role

Once you have decided what skills you want to develop, think about how you can gain that experience by expanding your current role. For example, if you are looking for additional project management experience, you may propose a new project that is not far from the scope of your current responsibilities. You need to make sure that your supervisor sees your request as a natural extension of your responsibilities and one that you can easily learn.

Look for additional problems to solve

career goals dream job solve problems
Photo by Headway on Unsplash

While it is easy to get caught up in everyday activities, looking for ways to improve your (or your team’s) workflow or goals will give you more opportunities to learn new skills. You can find and research how it can simplify a process, or help a co-worker with a problem. If you find a problem to solve, you can learn a new software or even a new technique that improves everyone’s performance.

Ask more

Aside from finding new projects or expanded responsibilities on your own, it is important to ask your supervisor for help. Even if you do not know how to acquire new skills, your supervisor can guide you to learn new skills that you did not expect. When you are open-minded about creating your skills package, your manager can often identify new areas that make sense for your career development.

Find a guide

career goals dream job find mentor
Photo by Xuan Nguyen on Unsplash

One of the most effective, yet unused-strategies for continuing to develop your skills on the job is to approach a professional consultant on the job. When you are aiming for a future career goal, there is no one else to listen to other than someone who has already done it successfully. Your mentor can help guide you in the right direction and suggest new and effective ways to approach your work to further enhance your career goals.

Inquire what else you would like to learn

If you are interested in learning a particular skill and you do not know how you can get this experience on the job, consult with your manager or human resources department about how they can help you acquire this skill outside of the office. Many companies will invest to keep their employees’ skills up to date until they see a clear benefit to the company as well. As a result, if you can find a way to make it useful to the company, you can get the help you need.

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Over the past few years, healthcare providers and insurance underwriters have begun to see the potential to bring machine learning and AI to their profession. Now, medical systems of all sizes not only reduce bureaucracy but also increase the accuracy of diagnosis and the speed at which patience for treatment can be recognized.

Unfortunately, many healthcare companies – especially insurers – process patient case files manually, which can be a laborious and error-prone process. Artificial intelligence makes it easier for health care providers to bring automated solutions to patient care.

What drives the urgency to accept AI?

AI-healthcare-artificial intelligence

Higher costs for health, especially the diagnosis and drug discovery. Bureaucratic incompetence associated with maintaining records of patient records and approving treatment plans. Slow clinical trials. A need for greater physician training.

Patient case file processing

Natural language processing has been a boon to the healthcare industry. In fact, we have already seen several attempts to bring NLP and optical character recognition into the process of sharing, evaluating, and summarizing patient case files.

Traditionally, insurance companies have to manually approve treatment plans. To accomplish this difficult task, medical professionals evaluate patient case files to make a decision. To ensure quality care and limit control, these files can be hundreds of pages long, containing everything from detailed patient health information to details about their insurance premiums.
By promoting this process with machine learning, healthcare organizations are strictly streamlining this process. Artificial Intelligence algorithms can automate repetitive tasks and, in natural human language, summarize key features of the patient’s profile.

Diagnostics and Disease detection

As every week, researchers announce new ways to use image detection and in-depth learning to diagnose diseases. So far, Artificial Intelligence has been used to diagnose breast cancer, early-stage Alzheimer’s, pneumonia, eye diseases, bacterial meningitis, and more.

AI-healthcare-artificial intelligence

The process of training in-depth learning models to diagnose the disease is complex. For example, it is very difficult to accumulate a database of positives required for a train. By collaborating with Artificial Intelligence companies, researchers gain access to a more efficient data science team that can assist you throughout the entire research process.
In some cases, it may be as simple as outlining your goals for a research project and developers going to work creating AI-powered solutions that help collect data and sort the diagnostic model.

Pharmaceutical Research

Although the diagnosis generally relies on image recognition models, drug research finds patterns in more complex datasets. Nevertheless, neurological webs have shown a commitment to delivering new drug molecules that now support the drug discovery process in more than 150 startups and 40 pharmaceutical companies.

However, you may be surprised to learn that very few of these organizations have a strong enough Artificial Intelligence team to advance their research quickly. Research institutes should bring an army of AI experts and data scientists to your most important disease treatment challenges.

Customized patient care

Nothing personal except health care. However, when professionals see an increasing number of patients, it is difficult to provide personalized care. The good news is that with artificial intelligence, analysis and big data, personalized attention can be applied to the entire industry. By using larger analytics and advanced solutions, these new approaches lead to higher quality maintenance at a lower cost.

AI-healthcare-artificial intelligence

Regardless of the size of your organization, Artificial Intelligence-powered tools can provide customized maintenance on a scale. These tools can support healthcare providers at any stage of the process: from interactive customer service agents on the phone to Artificial Intelligence-powered physician assistants at the clinic or pharmacy.

AI-powered medical equipment

AI-healthcare-artificial intelligence

As Artificial Intelligence plays an increasingly important role in the healthcare sector, it can be expected that hospitals and clinics will increasingly turn to medical devices that enhance artificial intelligence. All kinds of devices can be promoted with artificial intelligence to streamline diagnoses and ensure accuracy. Future medical equipment manufacturers will identify new ways to run their products with Artificial Intelligence.

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Mahabharatham is one of the greatest ethics of human life. It preaches the moral principles which are to be followed by each and every human being. Each and every character in Mahabharatham teaches us some good qualities to be implemented in us.

Lord Krishna’s Play:

Lord Krishna

It is been believed that the entire Mahabharatam is considered as the Lord Krishna’s play. Mahabharatam is also one of the avatars of Lord Krishna just like Kalki avatar. In this great epic Lord Krishna teaches the respect and importance that is to be given to each and every woman born in this world. He also says that the women are neither weak nor less than anyone.

United Pandavas:


Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, Sahadevan were the son of Pandavas. The hidden fact was that Karna was the primary brother of Pandavas. But due to kunti’s sin she had thrown her child Karna in the running river in a basket. Later Karna was been grown-up by a charitor. As a result, he was been disgraced at each and every point in his life. The Pandavas lived united, obeyed the orders of their mother and their elder brother. Yudhishthira was the best example of truth. Bhima was the symbol of bravery. Arjun was well versed in a bow and arrow martial art. Nakula was quite charming. Saghadev and Nakula can bring back the life to injured who was about to face their death due to their boon.

Karna Vs Duryodhana Friendship:

Karna vs Duryodhana

Karna had all the five qualities of Pandavas in him. Yet because of his caste, he was been disgraced at each and every place. In spite of being a good warrior, nobody was ready to accept him just because of his caste. He was upset and also felt lonely. At the time of his pain, Duryodhana came for his aid. He had developed a friendship with Karna and had also made him a king of Angdesham. Karnan was true to his relationship and was always been as a support for Duryodhana. Karnan was also well known for his charity behavior.

Panchali’s Entry:


Draupadi also referred to as Panchali was the princess of the kingdom Panchaalam.She was a good friend of Lord Krishna. She takes every decision in her life only after discussing with Lord Krishna. Panchali’s father had arranged Suyamvaram marriage for selecting her brave husband. Panchali was in the confusion about selecting her future husband.

So she had made a list of five qualities which she expected from her future husband. She had given the list to his best friend Krishna. Krishna who can predict the future had taken the portrait of Karna and had said that he was the only man who possesses those five qualities. As a result, Panchali had expressed her wish of marrying beautiful Karna to Lord Krishna. But Krishna had explained about the past of Karna that he was the son of the charitor. So as a result she cannot marry Karna; if she marries him then she too would face a disgrace in public. But when Karna and Duryodhana came for the Suyamvaram, Draupadi just like others had wished him with joy. But later Lord Krishna had reminded her of the importance of her family.

So having those thoughts in mind, Panchali with utmost difficulty had expressed her wish of disinterest towards him due to his caste. Later Panchali was married to the five Pandavas and she lived a life of hell. Most of the time she had felt that it would have been much better if she had been married to Karna. Even Karna too felt the same. They both loved each other without expressing their love for one another.

Mahabharatam Begins:


As Panchali had been married to five of the Pandavas, Kauravas considered the act as against dharma and hence they refused to be living with them in the same kingdom Hasthinapuram. Hence, the Pandavas had created a separate kingdom for them which was later known as Indraprastha. Yudhishthira had become ruler of the entire kingdom. Pandavas had been invited to a feast in the Hasthinapuram by Kauravas. But there was a cunning act of Shakuni and Duryodhana to revenge Pandavas. The Pandavas were requested to play a gambling game and as a result of gambling Pandavas had lost their kingdom, themselves and also their wife Draupadi. Draupadi was ill-treated by Kauravas.

Pandavas decided to revenge for the act of Kauravas. But in order to revenge, Pandavas has to complete their vanavasam. Ater their Vanavas, there bid war between Pandavas and Kauravas which was later known as Mahabharatham. The major aim of the war is to restore dharma, kill evils, and to respect women.

Moral Principles Preached:

  • To follow the path of Dharma
  • Truthfulness
  • Loyalty
  • Humanity
  • Respect for women
  • Charity behavior
  • Treat both heaven and hell the same and accept life as it comes

Intense weight training or Yoga?

This a question that leaves many fitness enthusiasts clueless. If your goal is to get lean, build muscle, and boost your physical and mental performance, both of these are great options. But if you’ve already settled into your fitness routine, choosing between these two options can present you with quite the dilemma. In general, young people find yoga exercises to be boring since it’s therapeutic and not exciting. From the point of view of age alone, yoga is ideal for older audiences while the gym is perfect for youngsters. But we think making use of both is the sweet spot you should aspire to hit.

When you practice yoga and work out, you get the cardiovascular benefits of one and experience the whole-body detox benefits of the other. In addition, if you do yoga as well, then your organs go through a cleansing process which means your performance will also improve. Any toxic or emotional blocks will also get removed, so if you’ve been struggling mentally in some aspect of your life, you’ll find it disappearing soon enough. And when that goes away, you’ll naturally perform better in life with more enthusiasm. It’s a win-win situation and that’s why we recommend doing both.

Benefits of Doing Yoga:

  • Therapeutic and de-stresses the mind and body
  • Easy to pick up for beginners
  • Requires just a yoga mat for practice
  • Improves joint flexibility and mobility
  • Stimulates positive thinking and mental relaxation.

Benefits of Weight Training( Gym):

  • Boosts your blood circulation and purges toxins from the blood
  • Burns plenty of calories and helps you lose weight
  • Stresses your body and pushes it to perform at higher limits
  • Keeps you healthy and disciplined and prevents the onset of several medical conditions.
People, Man, Exercise, Fitness, Health, Gym, Dumbbell

Weight Training or Yoga? Which is better for Weight Loss?

Yoga and weight training, of them, will stimulate your metabolism and will have positive effects on your body. But if you’re asking which of the two yields results quicker strictly in the weight loss department, the latter will win. This is because yoga isn’t designed to push you and burn belly fat or tone your body. Where the gym is concerned, you raise your heart rate and stay in a fat-burning mode, something that yoga isn’t designed for.


Personally, we don’t recommend doing either yoga or going to the gym; instead, we recommend a combination of both. Yoga is a great start if you’ve been sedentary for a while since it’ll train your mind and body to ease into difficult and challenging moves. As you make gains in flexibility and mobility, you’ll find that hitting the gym gets much easier. However, if you are into fitness and go to the gym regularly you can jump straight to yoga and still yield the benefits it has to offer.

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By Sandhya Jeremiah Dung

Shopping is a basic skill, that is often used almost every week. Some of us might execute this adventurous task very smoothly, while some of us, is indecisive and might be a complete mess when it comes to shopping. A lot of us might even shop in bulk, during the sale period and then regret the bad buy in the hindsight. We’ve all been in this position, none of us are born with the mastery over shopping. To resolve all your shopping problems here are some of the shopping tips that you could utilize to avoid even a single bad buy day at your shopping spree. Here goes your list of tips :

Plan a Budget

Planning a monetary budget about your expenditures is really important. Why? If you don’t have a budget, obviously you’ll keep on buying things that you lay your eyes upon and that is not right. To limit your spending, the best way is to plan a budget and most importantly stick to that budget.

Execute a list prior to your shopping spree

Another important aspect with regard to shopping is to plan a list of items you require, prior to your visit. This helps you to avoid buying unnecessary items while your shopping. Just brainstorm all the necessary items you urgently need and pen them down on a paper, along with your planned budget. Executing the prepared list will simplify your shopping experience.

Stickies, Note, Pocket, List, Memory, Paper, Notepad

Don’t fall into this trap of “Sale”

SALE SALE SALE; We all are familiar with the prevalent sale offers in the market. Ideally, it appears as the best period to shop in bulk, but on the other hand, it isn’t. Behaviorists say, people, tend to buy way more unnecessary items during Sales than in any normal circumstance and then regret buying loads of items later. Although, no doubt the sale period offers us discounts over items, yet it is not beneficial to shop much during sales, as there is a tendency to shop more and more (and usually there’s no end to this).

Shopping, Fashion, Purchasing, Bag, Sale, Woman, Shop

Think and Buy

So if you happen to go on your shopping adventure without any budget plan or any prior list, the only tip that will prevent you from creating blunders is using your presence of mind rationally and logically and decide what is necessary and what isn’t.

Have a good Company

Experts observed, that when someone accompanies us while shopping we are bound to make some mistake. Shopping alone is suggested in order to prevent these mistakes that might lead to a bad buy day. Be it shopping expensive things just to reflect on the other person about your lifestyle and forgetting the items you yourself required to shop, to even buying items that the accompanied person might have convinced you to buy. So the best option is to buy alone and be satisfied with it.

Set a time limit

One of the most useful methods, to avoid having a bad buy day is to set a time limit whenever you go shopping. Just set a timer on your phone as per your convenience but with lesser leniency. This will help you balance your shopping experience and even save your time while preventing you from lurking around the food departments.

Don’t buy when you are in a rush

Summing up all the above-mentioned tips, certain precautions can be taken to avoid your shopping experience to end on a bad note. Avoid buying when you’re already in some hurry. You must be acquainted with the popular phrase ‘HURRY MAKES CURRY’. Take that into consideration and prefer a suitable time when you can shop comfortably with ease. Besides this, you should also avoid shopping when you’re feeling the negative emotions such as when you’re upset, angry, stressed, etc.

Although certainly, it may relieve your stress or anger, in turn, your shopping experience could become complete havoc.

Hence, try to avoid these tips and follow the tips mentioned above, to kick off any bad buy day.

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Technically speaking, the first-ever fashion item to be created would be clothes, their age ranges back to Adam and Eve, but something which was created for needs and became a want would definitely be heeled shoes. The history of heels is as old as the 10th Century, in fact, this platformed item of footwear actually gained popularity in the Persian Army. However, what is more, surprising than the discovery of heels, is the fact that they weren’t even originally designed for women.

Persian soldiers were the first ones to discover that heels gave them the stability required to shoot their arrows, by helping their feet to stay in their stirrups. If we come to think of how the modern cowboy boot found an origin. Interestingly, it is derived from the 10th Century tradition, where soldiers wore heeled riding boots, in the time of the Samanid Empire (874-1005).

By the 17th Century, 1-inch heels became the norm of Persian riders, and as, owning horses signified wealth, heeled shoes connected themselves to this field of luxury, and owning a pair showed money and power (Bass-Krueger, n.d.).

From Culture to Fashion

The reason heels became a part of the west fashion, was “Persia-Mania”. At the turn of the 17th century, when the Shah of Persia, sent a delegation of soldiers to build relations with leaders in Spain, Russia, and Germany; these European aristocrats saw heels as a symbol of military excellence and virility, and got inspired to adopt this fashion in their culture too.

As it could be seen, male fashion at that time concerned with emphasizing men’s calves and thighs, through wearing leggings, loose britches, and heeled shoes. Even men in pictures, posed in a way to show off their legs and shoes.

Louis XIV was the most famous wearer of heels. Not only did he pass an edict in 1670, stating that only nobility could wear heels, but also, under his rule, the power of the wearer was signified by the hight and redness of the heel (Bass-Krueger, n.d.).

Change of Feet with Change in Time

As shoes became increasingly gendered in the 18th Century, men stopped wearing heels as a reaction against their perceived feminization. This feminization was caused by women’s shoes becoming narrower and more ornamental, with high heels; and as a result, men’s shoes became sturdier, broader, and less delicate (Bass-Krueger, n.d.).

What we see today

In 16 th Century Europe, women wore platform shoes, which sometimes heightened to 60 centimeters. However, the first recorded instance of a woman wearing high heels was of Catherine de Medici, who wore it to look taller on her wedding day.

The right to wear heels extended to the general population only after the end of World War 2. This is also when stiletto heels were created. Perhaps, in the words of shoe historian Cameron Kippen, “The secret of the stiletto heel was a small piece of metal which joined the inside of the shoes sufficiently that the heel and foot of the shoe could operate separately. It could actually bend and twist…. Once a shoe designer managed to work that out, then heels became more like what we see today” (Wynne, 2017).

Bass-Krueger, M. (n.d.). The High-Life: A History of Men in Heels. Retrieved from Google Arts and Culture:
Wynne, E. (2017, November 13). History of the high heel: It wasn’t always a woman’s shoe.
Retrieved from ABC News:

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Written by Rashi Sachan

Our obsession with early accomplishment shortchanges people of all ages. Growing older may be unnerving for the vast majority, yet it’s a great thing with regards to your career achievement. 

Today we are frantically obsessed with early achievement. We celebrate those who explode out of the gates, who top the board exams, get straight A’s in AP courses, get international scholarships, win a spot at Delhi University and get a first job at Google. The effort to forge young people into wunderkinds is making them fragile and filling them with self-doubt: It suggests that if you haven’t become acclaimed, found a new line of work in a major firm or banked five figures while you’re still in your 20s, you are somehow off track. . Be that as it may, the basic reason isn’t right: Early blooming isn’t a prerequisite for deep rooted achievement and satisfaction.

24 is not an age where you have to consider whether you are past the point of no return for building a profession in some field, people finish their graduation at the age of 21, masters at the age of 23 and afterward search for a job.

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If journalism is something you want to do, grab life by the horns and tackle it. Typically, to turn into a writer, you have to do Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) subsequent to finishing Class twelfth in any stream from an approved board. After graduation, you can likewise seek after a Master’s in Journalism and Mass Communication. Otherwise, get a degree from open and take up writing jobs side by side to polish your skills since writing requires a lot of patience and time as it is absolutely abstract  and you will get positive and negative feedbacks for each and every article you compose. 

Did you know The Hindu started as a weekly 140 years back ...

Ganapathy Dikshitar Subramania Iyer born on January 1855 was a leading Indian journalist, who founded ‘The Hindu’ English newspaper on 20 September 1878. He was proprietor, editor and managing director of The Hindu, all at the age of 24. If journalism is your passion, then it can never be late to be a journo. All of us will have multiple cognitive peaks throughout our lives, and the talents and passions that we have to offer can emerge across a range of personal circumstances, not just in formal educational settings focused on a few narrow criteria of achievement. 

In a world that constantly reminds us of how we need to achieve benchmarks by a certain age, there remain people who began realizing their dreams when society said they’re too late to achieve them. Be that as it may, an iron will tends to bend everything to the manner in which it needs, and here are people who bent their years to mean exactly what they needed to. Boman Irani proved that validation or lack thereof is no benchmark for talent and made his big break at 44. Similarly, Taru Mateti is the ultimate example to show how it’s never too late develop an interest and follow it with a zest never known. She understood her passion and love for running at 49 years old and followed the passion with zeal. She believed that there isn’t any age that is to be deemed as “too old” to start a career in anything. Albeit some professions are harder to get into as you get older, but all things considered, twenty-four isn’t old. Don’t let your age stop you from anything. It’s never too late, Journalism will be around until the last truth seeking person dies.