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Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher is a reporting solution for authoring, managing, and delivering reports and documents. Oracle Analytics Publisher primarily consists of an HTML interface that can be used through a web browser.

Oracle BI Publisher is a strategic enterprise reporting product from Oracle that provides the ability to create and manage highly formatted reports from a wide range of data sources. Oracle BI Publisher is available as part of the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Suite and also as a standalone reporting tool.

Oracle BI Publisher Best Practices for SaaS environments

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher is an enterprise reporting solution for high-format, pixel-perfect creation
reports. Provides a single solution environment for authoring, managing and presenting a variety of business documents.

Oracle BI Publisher is available today for customers who have Oracle BI Suite Plus and Oracle BI Foundation, while they exist. Also available independently as Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise. More than 90 Oracle products are integrated with Oracle BI Publisher for their enterprise reporting requirements. These reports are often required for significant processing.

The amount of data and therefore it is very important that all products, applications and even end customers
Must know Oracle BI Publisher best practices. This white paper provides a detailed list of best practices that
Recommended by Oracle while creating reports using Oracle BI Publisher at Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

BI Publisher Best Practices Benefits

  • More flexibility and reuse
  • Fewer reports and improved maintenance report
  • Improved data extraction and document creation process
  • Easier to implement

Why is BI Publisher used?

BI Publisher is a product within the Oracle BI Foundation that enables the creation of highly formatted reports and documents. BI Publisher is not just a tool but a complete reporting solution. It makes reporting simpler, easier, and faster than most traditional reporting tools provide.

What is a BIP report?

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher is an enterprise reporting solution. BI Publisher reports can be generated in many formats (PDF, RTF, Excel, HTML, etc.) in many languages ​​from a single template.

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Linkedin Spam! Invitation to connect which is a little worse. As you may have experienced or heard, LinkedIn invite to communicate via spam affects many LinkedIn members and these spam invites often maps into a fraud trap. Some cases may involve receiving only contact invitation emails that appear to come from LinkedIn, however, they do not affect LinkedIn accounts. In this type of criminal case, the recipient is required to click a link within the email to accept the invitation or to view the LinkedIn profile of the person requesting the connection invitation.

The links within these emails are often directed to another website potentially residing outside the country, which could potentially harm your computer with embedded malware. When you receive these emails, the best thing to do is to delete the email regardless of whether the email is legitimately coming from LinkedIn and one of its legitimate members, which I will explain shortly.

The reason why I suggest deleting the LinkedIn contact invitation email is that you can log into your LinkedIn account and see the invitation in your inbox and review the sender profile and decide whether to accept the invitation or not. If you don’t see the invite in your LinkedIn inbox, you should be glad you deleted the email without clicking the link. And if you see the invite on your LinkedIn account, read on.

We have another type of LinkedIn spam invite to connect and it’s a little worse. In this case, the criminal actually creates a LinkedIn account with profile details including a nice picture and job title like bank manager. If you ask yourself if the photo is the actual person, this is a great start when evaluating whether or not to accept a LinkedIn invite. However, if the profile is a fake LinkedIn profile, the photo is not the person.

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After creating the fake profile, the scammer then starts sending out a LinkedIn spam invitation to connect with other members which will now appear in your LinkedIn inbox making the request less suspicious especially if the criminal has succeeded in communicating with a few other people who might You know them or they may be part of your contact list as well. This is where critical thinking is required to decide whether to accept or decline an invitation. For one thing, don’t assume the pretty picture is the person if you don’t know the person. If the LinkedIn spam invite message is public and doesn’t mention anyone you can contact and confirm, you should click the ignore button.

This way, you avoid receiving LinkedIn reminders about the invite and the person will be put into a problem group and prevented from sending future invites to others. Otherwise, make sure the profile is fake and that you don’t want to connect before pressing ignore because you could put a legitimate account holder at risk if that person is flagged as a Linkedin spammer.

Interestingly, scams are taking over social media where there are a lot of fish out there, and while it’s hard to imagine these scams can fool LinkedIn professionals, there are certainly some success stories. For example, in one case, after a LinkedIn member accepted an unsolicited LinkedIn invitation to connect because she had seen a shared contact, she quickly received an email from the person who indicated he was a LinkedIn bank professional. The email was explaining the usual nonsense about having a bank account with the exact victim’s last name and that they needed a shipping address and money to send the check.

Now, if you have already accepted the invitation of a criminal, don’t worry and just remove it from your contact list. And while they may still have your email address, there is no chance the criminal will use your connection as a phishing bait to send a LinkedIn spam invitation and communicate with your contacts.

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Is pea protein good for you?

Followers of a vegan diet like to claim that their athletic performance actually improves when they cut out or reduce animal products.
And in terms of building muscle specifically, plant protein powder is only as good as whey or casein, both of which are dairy-based.

Pea Protien

The company’s production process is designed to make the powder “gentle in the best possible way”. To neutralize the natural, somewhat polarizing taste of the peas, Boris continues to improve the evaporation technology that may improve and eventually eliminate the bitter flavors.

Until then, it’s up to other food scientists and startups to come up with innovative flavors. And some big players appear to be involved, too.

PepsiCo continues to invest in this direction, adding pea protein to its bare juice and advanced milk production line, and earlier this year it partnered with Beyond to develop new products. Could pea protein-packed sports drinks or sodas (large doses) be next?

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This is all part of the process of “normalizing” consuming more plant-based ingredients, Lorenzen says. “I think one of the misconceptions people have is that eating plants means eating a salad. But it could be a burger. This is a step in the right direction.”

Then again, there is nothing wrong with the power.

Where does pea protein come from?

Supply and demand. Supply and demand. You have to look at both to understand why pea protein is so popular right now.

First, cuisines across the planet have long relied on yellow peas as a staple in many dishes: Indian dal, Russian pea soup, and Chinese pea cake, to name a few.

And legumes like yellow peas are not only good for you; It’s good for the earth, too. Their nitrogen-fixing qualities have made them a staple crop in many agricultural systems, large or small; They require less energy to grow than other crops, such as wheat, corn, and soybeans.

Lorenzen says that’s why his father founded the company that eventually became Puris in the mid-1980s — to build a market for farmers who would grow peas to enrich their soil.

At that time, manufacturers mainly used yellow peas for livestock feed or pet food, or sellers would ship the peas overseas. This didn’t make a lot of money for the farmers – and it didn’t make sense to feed livestock so much plant protein to grow animal protein.

Major players in pea protein argue that their product could help reverse the shortcomings of current US agricultural practices by turning plants into foods Americans already love, such as burgers and snacks. Or a protein shake.

Dried yellow peas definitely provide protein. Two tablespoons of a popular brand, Naked Pea, have 27 grams of protein, 2 grams of carbs, and 120 calories. (By comparison, the same amount of Naked Whey contains 25 grams of protein, three grams of carbohydrates, and the same number of calories.

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Oracle Fusion

Oracle Fusion Applications are enterprise resource planning software applications from Oracle Corporation.

What is the use of Oracle Fusion?

Oracle Fusion Middleware is the cloud and enterprise digital business platform. It enables organizations to create and run smart, agile business applications while increasing IT efficiency through the full use of modern hardware and software architectures.

Is Oracle Fusion a Cloud?

Build the future of business with Oracle Fusion Cloud applications. Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications is the world’s most complete and connected SaaS suite.

Is Oracle Fusion SaaS or PaaS?

Oracle Cloud Platform for Oracle SaaS is a set of Oracle Cloud Platform (PaaS) services that you can use to: Connect SaaS applications to on-premises and third-party applications, their data, and operations.

Is Oracle Fusion an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System?

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is a complete, modern cloud ERP suite that provides your teams with advanced capabilities, such as artificial intelligence to automate manual processes that slow them down, analytics to react to real-time market shifts, and automatic updates to stay current and gain a competitive advantage.

What is the difference between Oracle Cloud and Fusion?

For the purposes of this article, we will use the term “Fusion” to describe the underlying technology for those who are interested, and the term “Cloud” to describe the business applications that Oracle offers in a subscription service model.

What is a Fusion database?

Data consolidation is the process of integrating multiple data sources to produce information that is more consistent, accurate, and useful than that provided by any single data source. … Low-level data merging combines several raw data sources to produce new raw data.

Is Oracle Fusion multi-tenant?

Essbase is not a multi-tenant database, so each client has its own database schema. Each client has a unique configuration, including a different database, and even two clients using Oracle may use different versions.

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Job offer negotiations are an essential and expected part of finding a job because this process allows you to prove the value your experience brings to the company. Knowing your value can help you present your qualifications accurately and secure compensation, benefits, and other elements of a job offer that best match the value of your education and experience. If you are considering a job offer and would like to negotiate pay or benefits, it may be helpful to review this article on how to negotiate job offers.

What is negotiating a job offer?

Negotiating a job offer is the process of negotiating benefits, salary, or other aspects of a potential job you wish to take on. Job offers are extended when the company wants you to become a member of its team. They tend to give you a salary and benefits that they think are fair. However, you may decide that you would like a higher wage or different benefits. In this case, you may try to negotiate with your employer to meet your needs as well as theirs.

What is part of a job offer?

The job offer part is when you negotiate with a company for a good position, benefits, and salary. Negotiate job and role details to get a pay or position that matches your skills and education, or to get more money or a higher position. Other forms of compensation such as benefits can be part of the negotiation during a job offer. These negotiations are important to your career because they can give you a better salary or greater seniority. In order to be successful in a job negotiation, you must know when to leverage your skills, education, and experience for a better position and salary.

How to negotiate during a job offer

7 tips that help you to successfully negotiate your business offer:

Decide how much money you need to negotiate

Evaluate how much money you need to live and how much money you will need to retire. Be realistic about a sustainable budget for your job offer negotiations, and assess how much you need for your current life requirements and retirement savings.

Decide how far you want to go in your career

Your ultimate goal might be to learn enough from your career that you can start your own business or even become a company CEO. A clear idea of ​​your career goals can put you in a strong position to negotiate the start of your career and the salary you earn. Having a good idea of ​​where you want to go in your career and how much salary you need can give you a better career path and a higher salary.

Evaluate the benefits you need and want

Some benefits you may want or need include medical, dental, and vision insurance. Family leave and the flexibility to work from home are also advantages offered by some companies. Some companies offer time off, sick days, and paid time off (PTO). Remember the importance of learning opportunities in your career and the impact they can have on your career advancement. Paying tuition fees is a benefit some companies offer to give employees a career boost and create skilled workers for the company.

Find the average salary and benefits for your position

Research benefits in the context of your job, industry and the region in which you live. Your leadership experience, education level, years of industry experience, licensing or certifications, skills and current job level should make a difference in how you negotiate when discussing your salary and position. Requesting information from other people working in your chosen field can also be helpful. Salary or benefits information is not published in many companies, so industry research is essential. Research can give you a stronger position to negotiate a career start and a better salary.

Present value to your employer

When speaking to the hiring manager, you can demonstrate your value to the employer by coming to negotiate a job offer with a list of the knowledge and skills you have as well as previous work experience related to the position. Connect your knowledge, experience, and skills to the job and company culture when you discuss a job negotiation with the hiring manager. Showing that your knowledge, experience, and skills are relevant to the job and the company can give you an edge in negotiations.

Accept the offer, make a counter-offer or decline the offer

When you accept an offer, ask what next steps you should employ. With a counter-offer, be realistic about how much you can offer based on the salary and benefits offered. Show the hiring manager why you’re doing the counteroffer based on your skills, knowledge, and experience. Be firm and polite about how to add value but be realistic when you hit a dead end because of an offer that doesn’t meet your expectations, goals, or needs. It’s okay to steer clear of job offer negotiations that don’t meet your standards, don’t follow industry standards in general or geographic standards specific to an area, or that don’t reflect your hard work to improve your education, knowledge, and skills.

Send a polite thank you letter or email to the hiring manager

I thank the manager for considering the counter offer. Maintaining good relationships with hiring managers is essential to establishing your credibility in your chosen industry.

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Chitrakot Falls

Chitrakot Falls is located in Bastar district in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. On the journey of the Indrapati River through the thick vegetation on the plain in Chhattisgarh, suddenly the 93ft high flows water and builds these magnificent waterfalls in Chitrakot. It is located just 38 kilometers west of Jagdalpur.

Chitrakot Waterfall is the largest waterfall in India and may also be the largest waterfall in Asia, so it is popularly called “Niagara Falls of India”. The amplitude of the waterfall depends on the water level of the Indrapati River. Season to season varies greatly, in summer the span of Chitrakot waterfall is minimal, but during monsoon, the water level of Indrapati River touches both banks and the waterfall is also formed at the widest, with a width of about 150 metres. The waterfalls look like they are wild in nature.

Chitrakot attraction

Chitrakot Waterfall is the largest waterfall in India. The nature of the waterfalls varies from season to season. If you want to enjoy the biggest form of Chitrakot Waterfall, monsoon (July to September) is the best time, when it spreads up to 150m in brown water. The sun’s rays make rainbows here and there after being reflected off by the water grains. At the time of sunset, when the sunlight falls on Chitrakot water – it provides a wonderful environment to be seen. During summer and winter, it forms a white autumn and you can reach the waterfalls by boat.

Not only a waterfall, Chitrakot is also famous due to the Hindu legend of Lord Ram. There are many Hindu spiritual temples and places of pilgrimage. Also various Hindu festivals like Makar Sankranti, Ramnaamvi and Somvati Amavasya are celebrated here with a complete spiritual system.

Alleppey backwaters

The one-night cruise in the Alappuzha hinterland is one of the most popular cruises. Round trip, where you can take a boat ride at Alappuzha and get off at Alappuzha after spending the night in the quiet of the outback.

The cruise takes you through the clear waters of the iconic Punnamada Lake – the venue of the legendary Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race. You can visit the 400-year-old Champakkulam Church, one of the seven churches established by St. Thomas. Located 6 km from Alleppey, Chavara Bhavan is another interesting place that one cannot miss. The ancestral home of Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara, Chavara Bhavan houses the legendary 250-year-old Lighthouse of Light – preserved intact in its original and primitive form.

Alleppey a important tourist attraction

Alleppey is a port city where one side is the Arabian Sea and the other side is completely covered with rivers and canals which are known as the Alleppey backwaters. There are many large and small channels. Both sides of these crisscrossing canals and rivers are beautiful shallow lakes, verdant rice fields, coconut palms, and local village houses unavailable in any other part of the world. The locals live on the banks of these canals and these canals and rivers form part of their daily life. The roads to these villages are surrounded by small canals and rivers. Therefore, most of the locals depend on water transport i.e. small rice boats or country boats/steam boats to get from one place to another. Still in a part of the village, one can see a small rural hawker selling ethnic items to the villagers who live on the banks of the canals and rivers. All this makes Alleppey a major tourist attraction.

Kerala Alleppey

Another important attraction of Alleppey is the famous and exciting water sport called Snake Regatta which is organized in different canals of Alleppey which attracts the biggest crowd from all over the world. Alleppey backwaters with houseboats will be the best combination for leisure time.

Exploration at Alleppey Backwaters

Many guests are used to asking this question frequently. The main attraction of Alleppey are the small and big canals, lakes, green rice fields and small country boats selling ethnic items – verity of birds from Kingfisher, sea net, eagle etc, all this makes Alleppey backwaters an unforgettable experience.

To experience this, one needs to take a trek in Alleppey through small canals and rivers. To take a trek through canals and rivers, one needs to use any means of water transportation like houseboat, wooden country boat – also generally called shikara, speedboat, motor boat, etc.

The visit of Alleppey cannot be visited by road transport.


Pondicherry, officially known as Puducherry, and generally referred to as only Bundi, is one of the Seven Union Territories of India bordering the southern state of Tamil Nadu. This former French colony is a perfect fusion of traditional Indian vibes and French architecture, making it a dreamy getaway that offers the best of both worlds.

The streets of Pondicherry’s French Quarter, also known as White Town, are filled with charming mustard-yellow colonial structures with walls laden with bougainvillea. These are dotted with cozy cafés and elegant boutiques serving delicious French food and drinks. Just strolling through these streets, can give the traveler an insight into the magical magic of Pondicherry

The calm alleys and noisy streets; a fusion of Tamil and French cuisine and architecture; And the small crowd, they all make Pondicherry an attractive place to visit in India. Blessed with scenic coastline, the Union of Pondicherry is truly a destination for beach lovers where they can enjoy multiple water activities. Colonial architecture complements beach life while remote Auroville adds another dimension to Pondicherry tourism. If there is one tourist destination in India that can fulfill your needs for a relaxing vacation, it has to be Pondicherry as well.

Andaman Nicobar Islands

The Andaman Nicobar Islands are located in the Bay of Bengal. These islands are a group of 3,000 islands, which includes a series of mountains and hills with moderate heights and cliffs that are really the main tourist attractions here. The geography of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands indicates that the archipelago consists of North Andaman, South Andaman, Central Andaman and Little Andaman in the Andaman group of islands, as well as Nicobar, Nankuri, Car Nicobar, Chura and Kachal in the Nicobar group of islands. Of all the islands, the Great Andaman and Ritchie Archipelago are some of the top tourist destinations with some surreal beaches for a vacation. Andaman features exciting water sports such as snorkeling, sea walking, and snorkeling among many others in the many beaches of the islands, thus inviting adventure addicts from all over the world. Visitors will also enjoy their time basking in the sun on the white sandy beaches overlooking the azure blue waters while sipping on a refreshing drink. Watching the sunrise and sunset is sure to be an unbeatable experience, which really adds to an unforgettable beach holiday here.

Andaman and Nicobar

Tourism in Andaman is not limited to an unforgettable beach holiday only, the archipelago is also blessed with lush vegetation including the evergreen tropical rainforest canopy which makes a holiday for nature lovers unforgettable as well. These forests have a diverse mix of Indian, Malay and indigenous flowers that attract many wildlife lovers. There are more than 2000 species of plants here. These islands are very prolific with animals and there are about 50 species of forest mammals found here among which 26 species of mice and 14 species of bats are mainly notable.

Other than these, the notable mammal species that can be spotted here are Sus Scorfa (wild boar), spotted deer, barking feral elephant deer, etc. Butterflies, moths and shells add to the charm of nature in Andaman and Nicobar. The coral reefs and marine life of this archipelago is a significant factor in attracting tourists from all over the blue planet.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are ideal for family tours, honeymoon couples as well as solo travelers as well. The areas adjacent to the sea beaches are great and attract beach lovers a lot. Moreover, many examples of architectural brilliance are also found here. Therefore, history buffs also have a lot to explore here as well. Some of the best places to see in Andaman and Nicobar Islands are Neal Island, Havelock Island, Long Island, Cell Prison, Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park, Anthropological Museum, Indira Point, Kar Nicobar, Kachal, etc.

There is really no dearth of adventure activities to do in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. There are a plethora of things to do here that will make the trip convenient and satisfying. Many adventure activities are offered here. The top adventure attractions here are diving, snorkeling, camping, surfing, and trekking. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are beautifully landscaped and equipped with beautiful markets, ideal destinations for sightseeing and shopping. In addition, the Island Tourism Festival is celebrated in Port Blair for 15 days between December and February, attracting tourists to witness the cornucopia.

You can rest assured of an unforgettable holiday in Andaman and create useful information about this amazing destination.


Khajjiar as Mini Switzerland

A picturesque little plateau in the shape of a bowl surrounded by thick pine forests and deodar, it is one of 160 places worldwide that have been classified as “Little Switzerland”. Yes, this is Khajjiar, a small tourist resort in Chamba about 24 km from Dalhousie; At an altitude of 6,500 feet above sea level. The moment one enters scenic Khajjiar, one is greeted with a yellow Swiss sign denoting the Hiking Trail that reads “Mini Switzerland“.

Set against a backdrop of thick pine trees, yodar and lush green meadows, Khajjiar sits majestically in the foothills of the majestic Dhauladhar mountain range in the western Himalayas. The bowl-shaped Khajjiar offers a panoramic and fascinating perspective to the visitors.

Khajjiar was officially baptized by the Swiss ambassador on July 7, 1992 and according to records, a stone was taken here and forms part of the stone statue erected in Bern, the capital of Switzerland.

The trip from Chamba to Dalhousie to this idyllic scenic area can be done either by buses operated by HP Tourism Development Corporation or by private vehicle. Khajjiar is located about 95 km from Pathankot Railway Station and 130 km from Gaggal Airport in Kangra district.

Khajjiar is famous for the famous Khaji-Naga shrine dedicated to the serpent deity from which the name is believed to derive. The temple dates back to the 10th century and is intertwined with different patterns and images on the ceiling and wooden pillars. An exotic blend of Hindu and Mughal architectural styles is reflected in the wood carvings on the wooden ceilings and pillars. The carvings depicted are said to represent the Kauravas who were confined here to the Pandavas lair. The temple consists of a spacious prayer hall adequately surrounded by wooden beams. The dome-shaped mausoleum is made of slabs extracted locally from limestone quarries. Adjoining are also other shrines to Shiva and Goddess Hadimba.

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Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud enables organizations to effectively hire, onboard, compensate, and manage the welfare of their workforce. This cloud service will be used by employees, managers, and HR specialists in an organization, and therefore, provides a complete HCM solution.

So why is Global HR important?

Globally HR is crucial in the development and process of all the other products within HCM Cloud. Global Human Resources allows your employees, your managers, your administrators to effectively manage a global workforce. You plan, manage, and optimize global people processes with a single common data source, make better decisions, and personalize your employee’s experiences and leverage highly configurable workflows that offer scalability and localization support.

There are some key features within Global Human Resources, starting with on demand information. Give your workers, your managers a secure, self-service, mobile responsive option to manage their personal data, their absence information, their pay information, and more from any device, whether it is their phone, their tablet, or their laptop or desktop. Global local industry and union coverage stay compliant across more than 200 countries and jurisdictions with legislative functionality built for global requirements. Use rules driven workflow to simplify management of unique industry, union, collective labor, and contract agreements.

Position management manage headcount and budgets with a complete picture of open and filled positions, including global assignments. Connections- integrate your employee’s directory and organizational chart with personal employee profile pages, making it easier to find your peers and foster cross functionality collaboration. Enable managers to easily access information about their team’s backgrounds, interests, skills and aspirations from any device. Digital Assistant conversational user experience, a skills library, multi-channel, and multi language support. Get the answers and information you need by simply asking the Digital Assistant in your own words via text or speech.

And the Experience Design Studio your data, your way. Personalize the views of your workforce. No coding is required, and you can create rules based on your best practices for different displays of employee pages or manager pages based on different security roles, business unit, country. Design a personal experience for your organization.

Managers will discover how they manage their employee’s related tasks associated with their team and accomplish their own manager self-service tasks as well. And your HR specialist or HR team members will learn how to simply complete their day-to-day activities, managing workers’ assignments, health and safety information, and help desk information. So this learning path is for you. This learning path is helpful to any users who are new to HCM Cloud- your employees, your HR team members, your line managers, your administrators, your implementers, and your power users

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