Written by Vardhini Mohan | Updated: September 9, 2020 09:39:02 am

Online classes, just like anything else, has its own pros and cons. The perspective really depends on your situation. For example, during a pandemic, all of us do not have any option but to shift to online classes and other online forms of service and learning.

What are beneficial?

Let’s see some way online classes are beneficial for us. If the student has a lot on his/her plate i.e., extremely busy to be spending time in traveling, online classes would be a savior of time for such students.

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Although half of the online class refers to school/college teachers following a fixed time table 5-6 days a week, half of the other online classes are where students enroll themselves into online class from pre-recorded sessions which gives them the freedom to learn at their convenient timings.

On the same topic, since these online tutorials do not require any extra fees or travel costs, we can surely say that it is extremely cost-effective for the students. It definitely is more cost-efficient. On this topic, we can also add that there are no weather and environmental constraints.

For school/college students, in case they missed some credits, they can easily sit at home and complete the subjects and earn their credits. 

Do you think it’s detrimental?

Although we have all these pros, I personally for sure think that it is not as effective as a one-to-one class.

There is a very high chance that the teacher might poorly instruct which can affect the students greatly.

The online classes, however the teachers try, will lack discussion and concentration from the students’ side. Due to the lack of communication between them, the students are at a great loss of time and knowledge while the teachers still struggle to make their point.

Most of the teachers have no choice but to explain and teach using a PowerPoint presentation, which has become the least attractive method of learning for students. Although there is no fault of teachers in this method, at the end of the day, students are the ones at loss.

Most of the students, as a result of being shy, do not bring these problems up and end up learning nothing, and somehow manage to pass their examinations and tests and let it go.

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