Amazon has released its new security camera, the new Ring Security Camera, which is fixed on top of the flying drone.

ring always home cam amazon jeff bezos drone
Amazon Ring Drone

Ring – Always Home Cam

Called the Ring – Always Home Cam, it is an autonomous indoor security camera that can fly into your home and record scenes from multiple perspectives. The device has set a path for users to fly across the house. When the device is not in the air, it locks into the dock, blocking the camera, in an attempt to confirm privacy concerns.

Amazon Echo Show
Amazon Echo Show

Amazon unveiled the device with new products during its virtual hardware event on Thursday(24/09/20). The company also announced upgraded Echo and Echo Show models, launching new ring security cameras for cars and its video game streaming service Luna.

The ring, acquired by Amazon in 2018, will tackle many areas of the smart security market, introducing integrated doorbells and smart home cameras, allowing people to see their homes from a distance.

ring always home cam amazon jeff bezos drone
Ring Always Home Cam – Known Specifications

Ring founder Jamie Siminoff wrote in a blog post that Always Home Cam allows you to monitor multiple areas of your home with a single device, rather than buying multiple cameras. The drone’s smart home security system is connected to the ring alarm. If the system detects suspicious activity, Home Cam always flies automatically to see what is going on.

Ring devices have provided another way to draw Amazon deeper into its ecosystem, integrating them with its Alexa Virtual Assistant. Following the controversy over Ring’s decision to work closely with police to help investigate crimes, the business is also embroiled in privacy concerns. Lawmakers have increasingly increased research on the Ring and customer video footage accessible to its Staff.

ring always home cam amazon jeff bezos drone

Siminoff said the Always Home Cam was built “With Privacy and Security in Mind.” The device only records when in flight and its motors are noisy so users can hear it move around the house, Ring said.

The Always Home Cam doesn’t have the exposed rotors you’d see on a drone designed for use in outdoor open spaces. It has a plastic border and grills that enclose those for safety. It’s also small, at 5″x 7″x7″, which is useful for safety of both people and household objects.

“This cannot be controlled manually, it ensures that only what is important to you is recorded,” Siminoff added.

Always Home Cam will be available in 2021 and costs $250.

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