Written by Amarnath Siddaradi | Updated: September 13, 2020 08:11:02 pm

The India-China dis-pat

On-going tensions between India and China are going into the crucial phase. India and China are doing the Mirror deployment of their Army. Indian Army is also keeping a close on the Chinese aggression at LAC.

After the Indian Special Frontier Force dominated the heights of Pangong Tso lake. The PLA is not able to digest the fact that many tops are occupied by the Indian Army as of now.

On the events of 9th and 10th September, the troops PLA counted as 40 soldiers, tried to frighten the Indian Army. The Chinese PLA fired 10-12 shots in the air. Indian Army was ready for any kind of aggression. 

45 years of peace on LAC

The shots were fired after 45 years at LAC. In the past, the firing exchange took in the year 1975. 

The PLA soldiers postured in an aggressive manner near the stand-off area with the rods, spears, clubs, and pole weapons. It was clear that PLA was ready for another clash.

The Indian Army maintained high professionalism and the brigadier level meeting was held to solve this matter. Still, the tensions are at the same level, and not in a mood to meltdown.

The Chinese said that the disengagement must be over by winter, as the Chinese PLA doesn’t have the experience of High Altitude and low temperatures. The Indian Army is serving at Siachen is ready for the winter deployment at LAC with warm tents and winter clothing.

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