Feeling tense and exhausted is common in many people who don’t spend a lot of time relaxing. Without taking time for yourself, stress builds up gradually. Instead of getting exhausted and exhausted, take a break and look for some quick, tried, and true stimuli.

Relaxing your body:

Take a hot shower or bath.

Warm water helps relax muscles and increase circulation. So it offers some of the same benefits as getting a massage or can of exercise, but it’s inexpensive and you won’t run the risk of increasing it for a couple of hours like intense exercise can. Light some candles, play soothing music, and soak in the tub for at least ten minutes.

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  • The bath is a good time to meditate or practice mindfulness.
  • Make sure you don’t do anything that can make you fall asleep. Don’t try to meditate in the bathroom unless you have experience and know that you will be alert.

Change into your most comfortable clothes.

Take off those work or school clothes and wear something comfortable and soft, like cotton or linen. You will instantly feel more relaxed.

Do light exercise.

It may sound counterproductive to relaxation, but exercising helps you clear your head by burning off all the mental energy saved during a long day at work or school. Try going for a walk, yoga, or stretching for at least 20 minutes.

  • Walk around the block or in a nearby park if there is still light outside. (Don’t walk alone at night). Better yet, take your dog with you and both can do much-needed exercise.
  • Do some yoga poses. The child’s posture, in particular, is ideal for relaxing the body after a long day.
  • Stretch it out. If your body feels really tired, just spend 20 minutes doing deep stretches to loosen up your muscles and keep them from running all day.

To keep yourself relaxed while traveling.

Try progressive muscle relaxation.

This exercise will help you to relax both your body and your mind. If you do this regularly, you will begin to notice when the different muscles tighten throughout the day so you can immediately relax them and avoid the build-up of stress in your muscles.

  • Start by lying down in a quiet room.
  • Choose a muscle, such as your left hand, and squeeze it as much as possible for 5 seconds. You should make a tight fist that feels uncomfortable and can be tight enough to shake it off. However, be careful not to cause gunshots or severe pain, which can cause serious damage.
  • Exhale as you quickly relax the muscle. Pay close attention to the difference you feel between a tight and a relaxed muscle. Stay relaxed for 15 seconds.
  • Move on to the next muscle group and repeat. Do this for all the muscles in your body.

Choose fun distractions

Call and spend time with your friends or with your loved one.

If you have a family at home, do something special together when you get home, especially if your time together is limited. If you live alone, set up a date or phone appointment with your best friend or mom or brother just to sign up and share some laughs.

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Being in the same room with a family member does not mean that you are spending time with them. Pay attention and don’t get stuck on the TV or your iPad

Practice your favorite Hobby.

Regardless of what you like to do, have a short, long task ready to do on a given night so you’re more likely to get involved in something fun after a long or difficult day. If your day was primarily physical work, choose a mental hobby, and vice versa.

  • Start a new sport by joining a league or taking a class. Martial arts are fun and help train your mind to pay attention to the moment. If you like Frisbee, find an Ultimate Frisbee league near you that practices several times a week.
  • If you spend most of the day active, try something like painting or woodworking. Build a ship model, learn to cross-stitch, or paint an abstract scene focusing on colors and textures.
    Listen to relaxing music or sounds of nature.
    Buy or download a CD with instrumental music, such as classical or light jazz. Or try a recording of nature sounds. Singing birds, waves breaking on a beach, a stream, etc. There are many options.
  • Any type of music you enjoy will work, as long as it promotes peaceful feelings and happiness. If the rock is your favorite genre, you can try slow ballads or some classic rock on louder and more dissonant sounds.

Get a nice coloring book and nice pencils or art markers.

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Adult coloring books are a big trend right now, and you can easily find one at most craft and office supply stores, shopping malls, or even online. They are more intricate than the coloring books you had as a child, and are often printed on good quality paper. Buy yourself some multi-colored pencil sharpeners or pretty art pencils for under $ 20 to make it truly delightful.

Get out if you can.

Especially if you’ve been working indoors all day. Sometimes called “ecotherapy,” spending time in nature helps restore your mental energy so you can be productive again tomorrow.

  • It’s better to get a little exercise if you can, but even sitting outside on a lawn chair or on your porch will help you relax. Bring a cup of herbal tea and an ottoman to lift your feet.
  • Get a rocking chair for your porch or deck, if possible. Turn on a small fan if it’s a warm night without a breeze.
  • Use some citronella candles to keep insects away in the summer. Having a fan blowing on you will also help keep flying insects out of your personal space.

Read a book or magazine.

Reading is a great way to relax and stop thinking about all the things you did or did not do during the day. It is also a wonderful way to get ready for bed since a book does not require time in front of the screen. Pick a novel you want to read and reserve 30 minutes before bed to read a chapter or save your magazine subscriptions for this time of day.

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  • Listen to an audiobook if you prefer. Visualize the action and settings in your head while sitting or lying down comfortably.
  • If you prefer to use an electronic reader or tablet, try using it without a backlight, if possible. A simple Kindle-like screen looks like a page from a book, and many tablets have settings where you can adjust the lighting to look more like paper than a screen.
  • Horror books or intense mysteries may not be the best to read before bed. Use your own judgment: If you will keep you awake thinking about it all night, save this title for a day off and pick something cheery.

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