Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, eating well food stays a significant piece of keeping up your wellbeing. While there are so many places to eat, WordPress is one of the best platforms to start a food blog. There are no particular nourishments that can help shield you from the infection, a nutritious eating regimen can support your resistant framework or assist you with warding off side effects. You will most likely be unable to impart dinners to companions and friends and family. However, there are heaps of different approaches to eat well and bolster your wellbeing at this troublesome time.

Are you passionate and enthusiastic about cooking and cuisines?

Need to turn into a food blogger in India? 

Don’t have an innovative idea of how to begin a food blog in India? How to turn into a food blogger and get paid in India?

Well, when all these ideas pop up in your mind and you’re confused about what to do, where to go, how to do it??? Then, don’t worry you’ll get all your answers here. 😊

In this article, we will figure out how to begin a food blog in India and acquire earning as an Indian food blogger. Here are simply the fundamental strides to make a facilitated WordPress food blog that makes you resemble an expert food blogger. 

Here are the 7 simplified Steps to start any Blog:

1) Purchase a domain name for your blog:

Domain names are short, paramount web tends to, for example, As an Indian food blog, you can likewise or .in domains. ( 

Best and Trusted Domain Providers are:-

Cost: Free with Web Hosting or around $5-50/year. 

2) Find great web hosting:

Web hosting is where all your site records and information are put away. Along these lines, your site hosting service is the home of your site. The Security and Speed of your site partly depend on Hosting. So it is of prime importance to look for better hosting. There are quite a number of sites that provide good hosting at a reasonable price.

Best and Trusted Domain Providers are:-

Cost: Starting from $10/month

3) Install WordPress: is the most well-known blogging programming, which is additionally utilized even by numerous famous Indian news sites.   WordPress is anything but difficult to utilize and oversee in any event, for beginners.

Cost: Completely free! 

4) Install WordPress theme: 

Your WordPress Theme determines the structure and feel of your food blog site. WordPress offers thousands of themes in various Categories. All you have to do is to search for a theme that suits your Niche and start customizing it as per your wish.

Best and Trusted Sites are:-

Cost: Free 

5) Install WordPress plugins:

For a food blog, you will require some additional capacities that are no worked in the blogging stage. WordPress plugins include explicit highlights and expand the functionalities of WordPress.

Make sure you don’t flood your Website with Plugins as they might slow down your Website

The Plugins that I use in my Website are

Cost: Free 

6) Set up website admin instruments 

As a site proprietor, you have to monitor your site guests and furthermore the soundness of your site. Google offers invaluable devices and administrations: Google Investigation and Website admin Instruments. 

Cost: Free 

7) Begin blogging

Share your views, thoughts, Survey, Stories and Photographs. Make sure too keep it interesting, it should attract the viewers and make them stay.

Cost: Hard work and time 

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‘Start Your Food Blog in India: Bit by bit’

Since you know about the essential advances involved in creating a food blog (or simply any blog site) using WordPress, let us talk about each progression involved in creating a food blog in detail.

Be careful, it will be a protracted article. Nothing troublesome, however. For this article, I am assuming you as of now have a smart thought about the kind of food blog you are going to make.

On the off chance that you haven’t arranged your blogging subject, specialty portion, and substance procedure, start with a pen and note pad. Make an unfinished copy of what kind of food blog you need to begin. Is it going to be a vegan formula site? Will it be a food touring blog? Will it be about geological cuisine?  When you recognize what you need, think of appealing names and scribble them down.

Below is a example you can refer to

Additionally, make a rundown of articles that you will begin writing once you have made your food blog. Get a rundown with at any rate 50 articles as well as recordings. On the off chance that you are having inconvenience finding points, you ought to consider an alternate methodology for your food blog. 

Like all business and calling, food blogging requires difficult work. You need to invest parcel of time and vitality creating your food blog, earning notoriety in the industry as a built-up Indian food blogger, and furthermore construct your own system in the food blogging network and the Indian food industry.

Some of the best Food blogging Websites in India are:-

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