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How the craze for TV series began

It is the 70’s, where our parents would wait anxiously for the one television show that is to be aired for that particular week.

Whether the movie is an intriguing one or a boring one, they still would watch the whole movie interestingly.

At times, even if the movie was in another language, still large groups of people gathered at their houses, their relative’s houses, etc. to watch the movie that they have been waiting for a long time. Such was their interest and hunger for entertainment.

It is the year 2020, and at least one person in each house has a Netflix/prime subscription. With the OTT platforms providing us a variety of films and series around the world, unlike the previous times, we are exposed to a lot of films, TV series which are box office hits, classics, and critically acclaimed cults around the world.

Today’s feature lists down some of the best thriller web series and if you have missed any of the below-mentioned ones, make sure you watch it.

The following series is the personal choice of the respective blogger, suggestions of any other series are welcomed.

Breaking Bad

This crime series is considered as one of the most well-tailored and packaged TV series of all time. Boasting a phenomenal rating of  9.5, Breaking bad stands as one of the highest-rated series of all time.

Breaking bad is a slow-burn crime thriller, with Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Anna Gunn playing the lead roles where an overqualified chemistry high school teacher(Bryan Cranston) diagnosed with an inoperable lung cancer turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine along with his former student (Aaron Paul), in order to secure his family’s future.

The show consists of 5 seasons, with a total of 62 episodes, and was aired from 2008 to 2013. As the years passed by, the popularity and the reach of the show increased rapidly and despite the arrival of new crime thrillers, this show continues to reign at the top.

The show won the Emmy awards, Grammys, and much more for its stellar performances of the respective actors, direction, and for the overall best show of the year.

Sherlock Holmes

This fictional character penned by Arthur Conan Doyle comes into life through Benedict Cumberbatch’s brilliant performance along with his friend doctor Watson played by Martin Freeman, doing an exceptional job.

Even though the magnificent Robert Downey Jr, portrayed the role of Mr.holmes in the feature film of holme’s adventurous life, Benedict took the audience to a surprise by playing the role of Sherlock holmes with such ease and grace, he has made up a mark of performance such that on hearing the name Sherlock Holmes, benedict comes in our mind.

The TV Series gained its popularity through its crisp screenplay and out of the world twists, and of course the evil mastermind Jim Moriarty. It consists of 4 seasons and 13 episodes in total.

Sherlock is a must watch for all the investigative thriller fans out there.


This psychological crime thriller web-TV series is based on the book, “Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s elite serial crime unit. ” and is directed by renowned director David Fincher along with Kevin Bright and others.

This web-television series was a treat for the audience, with its treatment, pace, and screenplay, and most importantly the character depth for each character in this show.

The show set in the late 1970s, sets the mood right from the beginning to the end, taking us directly into it’s world.

If you want to read, Here’s the Kindle Edition of the TV Series

Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit Kindle Edition

Two FBI agents team up and are tasked to interview serial killers convicted of multiple murders, to solve open cases.

The screenplay is settled and is not in a hurry, as compared to the other thrillers, with the necessary twists and high points rightly planted. Thereby, making the show an intriguing watch. 

The biggest strength of this show is its writing where, all the character’s emotions, high points, and vulnerabilities are covered, and most importantly their perspectives.

Holden with his bold style and approach acts as a pioneer and brings out surprisingly remarkable results along with his partner Tench, But this style of his also puts his health, relationship, and his career on stake.

The show consists of two seasons and 19 episodes in total with each season gradually revealing it’s most highly anticipated murderer, the BTK killer, who will be revealed in the upcoming seasons.

The Mentalist

Last but not the least, this investigative thriller was popular and is still, from the time of its release. The mentalist somehow or the other crawls into the list for its smart screenplay and treatment, and it was much appreciated at the time of release and is still fresh. 

Patrick Jane serves as an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation, Using his psychological methods to solve cases, he uses the relationship with the bureau to try and track down the serial killer who murdered his family.

The show moves on at a pace with a case being solved on each episode and thereby leading it to the main plot of the story.

The screenplay and the smart handling and the twists make this show an exciting watch, consisting of 7 seasons.

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The mentalist had and still, has a fan base for Simon baker’s looks and obviously the show.

These are among some of the handpicked shows that are worth the watch, and definitely, there are plenty of other better shows out there.

Also with the OTT platforms providing all these huge varieties of movies, series..etc, still nothing comes like the experience a theatre offers. With several cinema trackers and industry specialists predicting that OTT is the future of the entertainment industry let us wait for the theatres to open and indulge ourselves with popcorn and the experience of watching a movie in a theatre. 

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