The love for street food, I think is a common feeling we all share. Its craze can be seen in everyone’s eyes, their eyes shine differently, the anxiety can be seen on the face while someone is waiting for their turn in the queue and the satisfactory smile on their face once they are done with the food. So in this blog, you will be finding some famous street foods in our country. Below are the finest of all

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Daulat ki Chaat:

It is a sweet dish made from milk and cream. The appearance of this dish is eye-catching, this fluffy looking foam like street food is really a blessing on the mouth. This dish is very smooth, creamy, and appetizing. This is a must-try street food which you can find in Delhi

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Best places to try :

  • Paranthe wali Gali, Chandni Chowk,
  • Jaspal & Sunil Kumar, Chawri Bazar
  • Hemchandra, Chawri Bazar

Aaloo kabli:

The West Bengal streets are flooded with vendors selling aloo Kabli. It is basically a hot tangy snack of Potatoes, sprouted Bengal grams, and boiled yellow peas with mouth-watering spices. This a very good option for those who like to eat spicy food. You can find them everywhere in Kolkata.

Best places to try :

Kalika Mukhorochak, Surya Sen Street


Another sweet dish which is very famous in Bihar and Maharashtra. Anarsa is also known as rice flour pastry. It is made up of rice flour, poppy seeds, ghee, and Jaggery or sugar. This sweet is basically sold in markets at the time of festivals like Holi and Diwali. You can easily find this dish in any sweet shop or even local vendors are seen selling them in Bihar and Maharashtra.

Missal Pao:

This street food is mainly for lovers of spicy food. This dish is a combination of Pav (bread) and spicy tangy gravy prepared with Potatoes and Peas mainly served with Farsaan ( a namkeen prepared with besan or gram flour). This dish can be found anywhere in Maharashtra.

Best places to try :

  • Nashik’s Chulivarchi Sadhna Misal
  • Fadtare Misal, Kolhapur
  • Mamledar misal, Thane

Parathas of Paranthe wali Gali:

This lane called Paranthe wali Gali in Delhi serves the best parathas in the whole of Delhi. They have so many Paratha options that you may have not ever heard in your life. They serve parathas like Badaam paratha, Kishmish paratha, chocolate paratha, banana paratha, roll paratha, and many more variants in parathas.

Wherever you are and whatever your favorite food might be, But when you get to the right place, you should try these for sure

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