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The fashion industry is always on motor wheels trying to look for new trending ways to create a demand. They carry loads of patterns, color schemes, clothing material, accessory, photography which goes on till moon and stars. The pandemic which the world is facing right now has also changed the shape of fashion industry from glam to comfy look, Let’s explore :

Shift from Corporate suits to Track Suits

The digitalization and work from home have changed the style statement of corporate people from formal suit to informal suit for both men and women which let their body to breathe in fresh air accompanied with vibrant colors, which were restricted to black, browns or greys. Dressing down is the new way to keep yourself motivated towards work.

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From High heels to Flat heels footwear

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The social distancing has led to the departure of high heels and arrival of flat feel,i.e. Slippers or crocs, which is a great idea to beat the heat while staying at homes. This creates a new challenge for the designers to invent soft, wider footwear for the upcoming years.

From Restricted to free-flowy

The remoteness has led people to say goodbye to the tight collar and body-hugging clothing and has welcomed soft and comfy and free – flowy clothing whether it is of any length they are always preferred and could be worn at any time, which is right choice to accompany their hectic schedule and busy life.

From Long to Short hair looks

To feel safe and fuss-free the short hair look would be seen common among the people whether it may be men or women which also let them free from taking appointments from hairstylists and help them to concentrate on there work.

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