Thailand is a grand country located in the center of the Indochina peninsula in mainland Southeast Asia. The country shares borders with Laos and Cambodia in the east, Myanmar in the north, the Andaman Sea in the west, and the Gulf of Thailand in the south. An attractive destination, it covers an area of ​​513,120 sq km. This beautiful country is a nutrient of many cultures. From the ascetic lifestyle of monks to snagging nightlife and rave parties on the beaches, Thailand boasts a wide spectrum of things.

Thailand’s tropical beaches attract the thrill of visitors every year. You can get a tan at one of its many beaches or enjoy the many water sports available for those looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Also known for its massage, it can be a good idea to get a relaxing massage from a beach massager.

The ornate Buddha deity and its magnificent Thai temple are a major attraction here and Wat Phra Kew is not an absolute memory. There are many royal palaces that can be visited in Thailand. The vast gardens and beautiful architecture greet you at the royalty abode. One can examine ancient ruins at places like Ayodhya and visit one of the many tiger temples in Thailand. Thailand is also known for its street food. It offers the opportunity to cut a variety of dishes in a roadside restaurant. Fruit plots sold on every nook and corner should be the same.

From high limestone cliffs and picturesque valleys to structures sitting on beautiful extinct volcanoes to beautiful wildlife reserves, Thailand has something for everyone. Thailand has an estimated population of 67,200,000 people, of which 95% are Thai citizens, 2% Burmese, and 1.3% other groups. While many minority languages ​​such as Lao, Islan, and Malay are spoken in various provinces, the country’s official language is Thai.

A dreamy beach paradise, Thailand is a country that has managed to maintain its cultural integrity despite being a major tourist destination. Everything can be found here – from ancient beaches to dense forests, from ancient monasteries to coral reefs, from Buddhist monks to floating markets, and finally, fragrant and rich food to cure your taste buds.

Bangkok, the capital, in central Thailand, is considered a modern center of various cultures, beliefs, and experiences. Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai to the north cater to those seeking quiet countryside and spending time in the wild. To the south, beach destinations like Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui offer some of the best tropical experiences by the sea. At the western end, the Hua Hin area is popular for resorts where one can relax spectacularly.

Finally, to the east, Ubon Ratchathani is a spiritual and historical getaway where anyone can learn about Buddhist and Thai culture.


A city that never sleeps, Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is a modern melting pot of heterogeneous cultures and beliefs. Here huge skyscrapers stand next to temples and monasteries. Luxury malls and shopping centers compete with street markets and temporary markets. Cuisines – both Thai and from all over the world are shown on the streets as well as in rooftop restaurants in all their glory.

Bangkok’s nightlife revolves around, on the one hand, attractive nightclubs, ceilings and go-bars, bright neon lighting signs, and cheap drinks. Whereas on the other hand, it includes cabaret shows, Mu Thai and dance exhibitions, and even cultural walking tours.

Sites such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Wat Phra Kew reflect the city’s rich history, while museums like paradise and parks such as Sea Life Ocean World cater to those seeking modern-day experiences.

Khao San Road

Khao San Road, known as Backpacker’s Haven, is located in the center of the city. It is a 410-meter long road in central Bangkok that will meet your every need! Street food stalls, bars, shops, restaurants, night clubs, cafes, and massage parlors are all filled in this one street. This street is one of the most famous night markets in Bangkok. It turns into a shopkeeper’s paradise as the sunsets. You will get everything here at a reasonable rate. Its cheap food, accommodation, and clothing make this place a winning combo for all tourists!

On Khao San Road you will find the most random things. From fake Harvard degrees to stalls selling scorpions with barbecue, this place will not fail to surprise you! You can buy tie-dye hippie outfits, sunglasses, shoes, souvenirs, jewelry, and more. Make sure you brush up your bargaining skills before coming here as shopkeepers may try to sell you goods at a higher price.

You can enjoy traditional Thai food such as delicious Thai Thai and Thai craps (Khanam beanag). If you are not unconscious of the heart, you can also try a bag of fried insects! Fried insects are considered a snack-to-snack in Bangkok. Pests include grasshoppers, water beetles, spiders, bamboo worms, and scorpions. They are served with sauce and a pinch of pepper.

If you are adventurous, make sure you try these scrambled insects because it will be an experience you will never forget!

Chatuchak Market

The king of Bangkok’s markets and one of the largest markets in the world, Chatuchak is spread over 35 acres with over 8,000 malls. Everything from clothes, accessories, handicrafts, furniture, art, food, books, antiques, and many more interesting souvenirs are available here. Prepare your bargaining skills to enhance your shopping experience in this bustling market.

Known by the locals as Jatujak or ‘JJ’ Bazaar, Chatuchak Market is one of the largest outdoor markets in the world. It is popular among tourists and locals alike for the widest variety of goods. Each day, it attracts over 200,000 visitors looking for the best purchase. This weekend market in Bangkok has been open since 1942. It was previously called the Fahonothin Market but was renamed in 1987. It got the name ‘Chatuchak’ from a park of the same name.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho is a famous temple located immediately south of the Grand Palace in Bangkok. The place is famous for being the headquarters for the teaching and preservation of traditional Thai medicine. The temple is known for its large-scale view, within which the large Buddha is seen, hence it is also known as the ‘Temple of the Temple’.

Spread over a vast area of ​​8 hectares, Wat Pho or Wat Chetfon is a place of worship built by Raja Ram, which was established centuries ago by King Ram III. Considered Thailand’s first “university”, the temple is still considered a medical place. Today, tourists praise the Buddha’s temple, as it is known. The Buddha statue is so huge that one can only see it in parts.

Standing at 45 meters long and 15 meters high, the soles of the statue’s feet are studded with precious stones and there are 108 signs of true faith. The texture of the ears of the idol indicates good birth, while the lotus-bud configuration of the hand symbolizes purity and beauty. The temple also has the country’s most extensive collection of Buddha paintings. If one has to walk a little game, then that is the place to look.

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace, the residence of the royals for many generations, is the perfect place to begin their historic tour in Bangkok. It is one of the holiest Buddhist temples, Wat Phra Kew, built in the year 1782. The Grand Palace is one of the top tourist attractions in Bangkok, Thailand, showcasing Bangkok’s rich history.

A former official residence of Thailand’s monarchy, the palace is structured in a rectangular space. Often mistaken for a single structure, the Grand Palace is a group of many buildings, halls, pavilion sets, grounds, lawns, and courtyards. As the official ceremonial residence of the Emperor of Thailand, the Palace is also used for many official ceremonies and state functions, which increases its charm.

Apart from being amazing in the eclectic and unique architectural style of this majestic complex, visitors can also see the most sacred Buddhist Thai temple, the exquisite temple of Panna Buddha. With a public museum in the midst of the nation’s historical structures, this attraction reflects the development of Thailand’s rich culture and heritage in the 18th century.

Wat Arun

An ancient structure dating back to the battle between East Siam and Burma, Wat Arun is a place of worship with a rich past. The temple is also known as the Temple of Dawn, the site was built by the remaining survivors and General Taksin. Later, the temple was renamed as Aruna, an Indian deity who reminded the establishment of a new Ayutya, the former capital of the kingdom.

The temple is a massive structure with a prominent feature of the 82-meter high Rage (Khmer-style tower). This structure was constructed by Rama II and later completed by Rama III during the first part of the 19th century. As one approach, the intricate design of floral mosaics embellished with broken, multicolored Chinese porcelain becomes prominent.

The main statue of the established Buddha is designed by King Rama II, while the striking murals depict the date of the temple from the reign of Rama V.

An eye-catching feature of Wat Arun is the depiction of Prince Siddhartha’s birth, old age, illness, and instances of death outside the walls of his palace. These stages eventually lead him to renounce worldly life. Presenting at the base of the Buddha statue is the ashes of Rama II. However, the most frightening aspect of this divine temple is the steep flight of its stairs. As soon as someone reaches the top, it is a different story.

The view of the Chao Phraya River with the sun setting upwards makes for a stunning sight for an unforgettable memory.

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Pattaya is a popular beach resort in the Gulf of Thailand, just 150 km southeast of Bangkok, a two-hour drive. Pattaya beats nightlife is well known, but local authorities have improved the quality of the beaches in recent years and reinforced the resort as a more family-friendly destination.

Today, Pattaya attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to take windsurf, water ski, swimming, sunbathe, snorkel, sail, or travel to nearby islands. Other activities include bungee jumping, cycling, skydiving, go-karting, Muay Thai (Thai boxing), and paintball. Golfers, both novices and experts, are well catered for, with a wide selection of golf courses around Pattaya. Another major attraction for visitors in Pattaya is the wide selection of restaurants serving Thailand’s freshest seafood.

Pattaya also has an excellent selection of authentic foreign eateries serving French, Italian, Swiss, German, Hungarian, Scandinavian, English, Indian, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese cuisines, due to the high number of expatriate foreigners.

Sanctuary of Truth

A major structure of Pattaya, the Sathya Sanctuary is one of the most popular tourist attractions located along the sea. Situated at an altitude of 105 meters to the north of Wongmat Beach, The Sanctuary of Truth or Satyachtham Temple is an iconic structure of Pattaya. Completely crafted with intricate design and carving of teak wood, the place is like a fusion of temple and palace.

thailand pattaya time in thailand thailand flights Sanctuary of Truth

It was founded by a local business tycoon who aims to create a place of philosophy, art, culture, and belief created by the founder of the ancient city in Lake Wiriyapan, the founder of Samut Prakan Province. The temple represents the soul and soul of Eastern civilization and art through its impressive architectural work ornamented with statues of Hindu and Buddhist deities and other mythological sculptures.

Built-in the traditional style, the temple of Sathya exhibits peace and tranquility and has been awarded the award of Outstanding Tourist Attraction by the Tourism Industry Award in 2008.

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach does not really require any introduction. It is one of the most famous attractions in Thailand which attracts tourists from all over the world. But Pattaya Beach is much more than just a beach destination. It is endowed with various water sports activities, such as parasailing, jetskiing, speedboats, diving boats, and more.

thailand pattaya time in thailand thailand flights Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach Road with palm trees on both sides is one of the most happening places in Thailand. With superb eating, shopping, and party destinations, there is plenty that can be done between Pattaya Nua (Pattaya North Road) and Pattaya Tai (Pattaya South Road). The migration along the 4 km Vardhaman shaped coastline is filled with innumerable activities and attractions.

Pattaya Night Bazaar

Situated opposite the Central Festival Pattaya Beach, Pattaya Night Bazaar is a treasure trove of goods and is one of the most popular street markets in the city. With over 250 stalls and shops, this enclosed Thai street market has gained a cult status among shopping enthusiasts, both locals and tourists. Unlike other street markets in the city, Pattaya Night Bazaar is located in a permanent air-conditioned structure. Packed with an abundance of local Thai attractions, this street shopping hub is well worth a visit.

At Pattaya Night Bazaar, one can shop for a plethora of products ranging from handmade clothes, unique looking accessories, hats to the beach. Shopping enthusiasts looking for a budget market can have a great time exploring this vast market area, with stalls selling an array of products. At Pattaya Night Bazaar, anyone can buy the perfect souvenir for your trip back home. Visit this place to discover the local shopping culture, buy fabulous products, and indulge in Thai-street Thai food.

Walking Street

Not only Pattaya but one of the most famous party hotspots in the whole of Thailand, Walking Street is a place for crazy party lovers. Walking Street is about a kilometer away with everything one wishes to visit in Thailand. Full of energy and mobility, the road serves as Thailand’s busiest party hub with myriad options for leisure and entertainment. From local items to food, clothing, handicrafts, and showpieces, there is plenty to visit and see.

Starting at the end of Beach Road till the Bali High Plaza end, the place is famous for beer bars, go-go bars, night clubs, strip bars, discotheques, restaurants and massage parlors. Walking in large numbers by locals and tourists, Walking Street is a center of attraction for nightlife drenched with neon lights everywhere. If that is not enough then one can enjoy the talent of the roadside actors who show their skills on stage.

There are many live events and talk shows going on in the region to create a different kind of buzz. However, being a crowded area, be sure to keep your personal and expensive belongings safely. ABYZZ, Doll House, Insomnia, Lucifer Disco, Marine Disco, Roxy Go-Go Club are some of the prominent names in the region and the list goes on and on.

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Pattaya Approach

Situated on top of Phratumnak Hill (Pattaya Hill) on the borders of South Pattaya and Jomtien, Pattaya Viewpoint offers spectacular views of Pattaya Bay and Cityscape. This place is visited by locals and tourists, both during the morning and evening, to get that enchanting shot of Pattaya’s famous crescent bay.

Despite being thrilled by tourists, the Pattaya Viewpoint is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate and provide an uninterrupted view to Pattaya Beach on the north side, and Jomtien Beach on the south. Apart from being an observation deck for tourists, the Pattaya Bay hilltop houses the Admiral HRH Prince of Champaran (also known as “the father of the Royal Thai Navy”) and the Wat Khao Phra Bat Temple, which is claimed as a relic Is done. The self of Lord Buddha.

Underwater world strapped

The best aquarium in Pattaya, Underwater World has 2500 aquatic animals that bring a piece of the deepest coast to our world. Making the deep seas, magnificent corals, sandy beaches, and hard-to-find aquatic animals readily available to the general public, Pattaya’s Underwater World Aquarium has been developed in such a way that you will find yourself away from its hustle and bustle… Modern life for exciting and peaceful marine life.

Be it hunter fishes such as sharks and stingrays, starfish and shrimp fishes or those cute turtles, you can see a wide range of aquatic animals and their species in the Underwater World in Pattaya. Be sure to check the wreckage tank of that ship at the end of the tunnel house to search for completely different species of fish and aquatic plants. Those of you who want to feel the touch of the oceans and its living life, make sure you are present for the live feeding show.

Being one of the most popular activities in Underwater World Pattaya, the show is ideal for family gatherings.

Mimosa Pattaya

Mimosa Pattaya is the place to roam to experience Pattaya with an oriental European touch. It is a beautifully designed outdoor shopping mall, spread over a vast area, with a beautiful and varied collection of items with bold and bright colors and boutiques. A walk in this market allows you to experience the Thai lifestyle and its vibe.

Started in 2013, Mimosa Pattaya is a fairly happening place and is not limited to just being a shopping center. There are several shows that are the most popular of which is the Lady Cabaret Show. Another major attraction of Mimosa Pattaya is the Art Gallery and Aquarium. This outdoor boutique shopping mall is considered a recreation of the French city of Colmar. Also known as the city of love, it reflects a Renaissance-style style that is very distinctive – be it quaint-style walkways or canals running between panoramic shopping canals.


The largest island in all Thailand, Phuket has everything Thailand has to offer. Serviced by Phuket International Airport, the island sees no shortage of passengers at any time of the year. Golden Beach, several offshore islands, upbeat markets, a high octane nightlife, and thrilling watersports briefly reflect Phuket. Beaches like Surin and Kata cater to families and those individuals with whimsical tastes.

On the other hand, Patong beach caters to all those who find it cheap, loud, and crazy, even after sunset. Bungalow Road survives with its many bars, ping pong shows, and street food vendors as the night is big. Those who shy away from bright lights and alcohol will find themselves in cabaret shows or the ever-popular street markets. Phuket Walking Street or Phuket Weekend Markets are places where a person can spend hours through various clothing, souvenirs, and novelty items.

Apart from all the glitz and swankiness, Phuket also offers many traditional activities and experiences. Enjoying tropical weather throughout the year, Phuket waters come to life in the months of November to February, with marine habitats. Activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving can be done at popular and scenic spots such as Phi Phi Island and Similan Island, which make day trips by speedboats.

Further to the north, visiting elephant sanctuaries and national parks such as Sirinat National Park and Khao Thara Theo National Park can be a more tranquil and rustic experience. This is true on the beaches in the west such as Ravi beach and even Karon beach, which is usually less crowded and provides a more tranquil experience.

There is also a bottomless experience of Thai culture hidden in plain view. Phuket Town retains much of its Chinese influence and Sino-Portuguese history through its cuisine, cooking style, architecture, and historical museums and buildings. Chönl Wat, a Buddhist temple and the Jui Tui Shrine, is an important Chinese place of worship, as the embodiment of the coexistence of various religions and cultures.

thailand Phuket time in thailand thailand flights

Phuket caters to all types of travelers – be it families, individuals, couples, or groups, across all budgets. But among them, a certain section stands out in particular. With a plethora of high-end resorts with most beaches, hotels, luxury shopping outlets, and spas, Phuket is a haven for those looking for great comfort on their vacation and looking good while doing it…

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